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Unfortunetly, Real life vampires are nothing like the sterio typical ones you find in fictional books and movies.

There are two types of vampire.

1. Sanguinarian - This vampire feeds off blood. It gets the blood at medical resources from consenting donors. The blood is tested for HIV and blood disease.

2. Psychic - A psychic vampire feeds off energy.

There is a thrid type named a 'Hybrid.' This vampire is a conbination between a sanguinarian and a psychic.

You cannot be 'turned' into a vampire. You are born a vampire. There are certain things you can study and learn about the lifestyle and culture of a vampire. You can talk to other vampires or study 'The Awakening.' This is when you realize you are a vampire. Other vampires may be able to help you 'awaken.'

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Q: Can Any Vampire Out There Turn you Into One?
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What age are you when you turn into a vampire?

Any age, you can be born a vampire or you can be turned into one!

What posion will turn you in to a vampire?

there is no posion that will turn you into a vampire but a vampire blood can turn you into a vampire

Is there any vampire that would be willing to turn a non vampire?

Vampires are not real?!? You don't need a vampire to turn you. Just get a friend or a family member to twist you around.

How old does it take to turn into a vampire?

It depends have you been bit by a vampire if so you should into one on the next full moon if not then you can't turn into one!

Are there any volunteer vampires who would to turn you in to one?

Yes the Vampire Lestat has done this at least twice that I know of.

How does being bitten by a vampire turn you into one?

That is easy. It's kind of like a snakes bite but when your a vampire, if the vampire's saliva or umm venom gets into your blood you turn vampire. But if with a snake you don't.

Is there any spell that can turn you in to a vampire?

NO, Vampires aren't real.

How do human turn themselves into a vampire without a vampire bite?

They can't. They must be born a vampire or be bitten by one.

How do you turn into a vampire without getting bit by one?

Let the vampire father your children.

Who can turn you vampire?

Other vampires can turn you into a vampire.

Is there any way to turn in to a vampire?

go out in the moon get the moonlight to reflect of the mirror at your body then give your best vampire bite

Do you become a vampire if you eat vampire dust in oblivion?

No, you do not. You can only become a vampire by being bitten by one, either contracting Porphyric Haemophilia from vampire enemies, or by allowing Vicente Valtieri to turn you into one.