Can Catholic nuns be priests?



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No they are two totally distinct missions or apostolates. However it should be noted among the regular clergy- while there are no (Co-Ed) Monastery/Convents at least not at the present time, there are both male and female branches of many relgiious orders with some exceptions. For example there are both Benedictine Priests and Benedictine Nuns(St.Benedict)- the same applies to the Franciscans and Dominicans. If there was major doctrinal surgery, unlikely inthe extreme, at least there would be the physical and relgiious structure already established. there would be enormous problems of protocol- how would one address a female priest- she coulnd"t be called Mother as Mothers-superior already exist, likewise you coud not use Sister for a female sacerdotal practitioner. they might be able to come up with some new rank title much as we have specialists in the Armed forces= like Intrerpreters, medics, forward observers, with their own task ratings and limitations. it is not very likely this will happen in the near future but...