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Can Chickens get and die of AIDS?

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AIDS is due to the HIV and the H actually stands for human.

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Chickens do not get STDs. In addition, chickens do not get Aids or HIV either, a rumor that has gone around.

Yes, people will die from AIDS.

Aids doesn't cause pneumonia. You can die from pneumonia with or without aids. However if you have aids you are more likely to die from pneumonia then if you didn't have aids and contracted pneumonia

Chickens die at the age of about 3 years old.

AIDS is fatal and usually 7 out of 10 people die from AIDS.

You don't die from AIDs you mongoloid. Of course you die from Aids you idiot, its the final stage of HIV .... the vast majority of people with AIDS die ... but how long it take varies from person to person

AIDS makes your live longer.

no jesus didnt die on aids because he was crucified on a cross

Aids he did not die of Aids. he had severe gout, which caused severe edema, which killed him!

about 15million kids die from aids, uauslly get it from parents that have had it.

No one dies of AIDS itself. AIDS takes away your body's immune system, and the smallest amount of a virus or bacteria can overcome your body and kill you. That's how people die of AIDS. Anyone with AIDS will eventually die from it.

An approximate of 3 million people die of AIDS every year, and an approximate of 8,500 people die of AIDS everyday.

each day 6000 africans die from aids

It doesn't. It's with you for life. Most people die from Aids

About five to six people die from AIDS per MINUTE. That proves AIDS is a deadl disease and that you should not have sex until marriage. HIV does not kill you but AIDS does. And AIDS is developed after you are HIV positive.

Most die from Squirrel AIDS.

AIDS is a disease where you can get sick and die. You should be careful with your actions.

He had aids He did NOT have aids. Ignore that answer. He died after a stroke.

no silky chickens can not live with other chickens because they fight with each other and most of the time one of them will die due to injures.

It helps rid themselves of mites and ticks, it helps cool them down and aids in cleaning feathers.

Yes, in 2004, Johnny Cook did die from AIDS. However, he died from complications that came as a result of the AIDS. He passed away from kidney problems and liver disease that the AIDS virus brought on.

Chickens die just like any other creature. They can die from old age, sickness, for other animals to eat, from starvation, poisoning, abuse, etc

The virus inside the person will die.

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