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Can Game Boy SP play Game Boy games?

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Yes they can. they also work with Nintendo DS and DS lite. (they don't, however, work with DS i, sorry.)

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No there is no slot where you can put the game boy sp games

Yes, you can play the game on a Game Boy Advance SP. The Game Boy Advance SP can play both Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, in addition to Game Boy Advance games.

yes, you can play game boy color games in a gameboy advance SP.

Yes. You can play Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games on a Game Boy Advance SP.

Yes, you can play Game Boy Advance games on the SP. After all, the SP is part of the Game Boy Advance line, so it's meant to play those games.

you can't play Nintendo DS games on Game Boy Advance SP.

yes you should, you can also play Gameboy Color games on the Sp

Yes, the Gameboy Advanced SP can play Gameboy Colour games.Yes it can

Yes, you can play Gameboy Advance Games on a Gameboy Advance SP. As the SP is just a upgrade on the original GBA.

you can play game boy color games on the game boy advance sp.

Yes; Game Boy Advance SP plays all games from the original Game Boy, and not just Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance.

Yes, you can usually play the last generation of games for each Nintendo system (Game boy colour plays game boy, game boy sp plays colour, game boy ds plays sp, etc.)

On the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and Advance SP you can play all Game Boy, Game Boy Color and, Game Boy Advance games.

trustme dont try it it wont work but gbcolor games work on sp but mvr put a sp in a color

with a game boy advance sp

You only play GBA games if you are the 3DS Ambassador.

Yes, it plays most if not all of the old Advance games.

yes, the game boy colour games actually work better on the game boy advance sp!

Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games will all play on the original Gameboy Advance as well as the Gameboy Advance SP. (I work in a pre-played retro game store and I own a GBA SP and play GB games on it frequently)

There isn't any difference between the gameboy advance and the gameboy advance SP, other than design and the backlight added to the SP. So, there's no difference in the games, either, and you can play any gameboy advance game on an SP or on the original advance.

Game Boy Games can be played on both the GameBoy Advance and the GameBoy SP.Game Boy and Game Boy colour games can not be played on a DS though -through the carriage slot.

on a s.p. yes. on a game shark s.p. no.

yes you can, the game card won't go in all the way, but you should b able to play

No, the original Game Boy cartridges work. The only unplayable game is Kirby Tilt & Tumble due to the motion sensor not working on the GBA SP.

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