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Q: Can Golden Retrievers see color
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What are light colored Golden Retrievers called?

Light colored Golden Retrievers are known as English Cream Golden Retrievers. English Cream Golden Retrievers are given the name of Cream Retrievers due to their light color.

Do English cream golden retrievers have the same temperament as regular golden retrievers?

Yes ... they are the same breed. The only difference is coat color.

Are golden retrievers really golden?

Yes. They can be a very golden color ( maybe even a little orange ), they can be a blondish color. But their attitude is very golden

How do Golden Retrievers get their name?

Golden Retrievers get their name because they are golden and they are retrievers

Why are English Golden Retrievers lighter color than American Golden Retrievers?

there are blonde goldies, brown and chocolate ones no matter what country they live in.

Are golden retrievers color blind?

All dogs are color blind, so yes.

Can a golden retriever have blond highlights in fur?

Yes, Golden Retrievers can have blond highlights in their fur. Their color can also range from a very dark gold (almost red) to an almost white color. Golden Retrievers can also have lighter colored feathering on them.

What color are golden retrievers?

not all golden retrievers are golden. some are white but they are mainly gold, hence the name. golden retrievers were first used for duck hunters they used to retrieve the ducks. I have two golden retrievers, and I suggest getting a darker colored one. I mean like more of a reddish tint not a lite one. The lite ones are not as smart as the red ones. At least that is what I think and have experienced.

What do golden retrievers reproduce?

Golden Retrievers reproduce Golden Retriever Puppies.

What color are guide dogs?

Guide dogs are any color a dog can be. Since most guide dogs are German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, or Golden Retrievers, most guide dogs are black and tan, black, chocolate, yellow, or golden.

Are Golden Retrievers powerful?

Yes, Golden Retrievers are very powerful.

Who will win in a fight between 4 golden retrievers and a husky?

Possibly the golden retrievers.

How far can golden retrievers see?

abou 2 miles away

How golden retrievers reproduce?

Golden Retrievers are mammals. Therefore, they reproduce sexually.

Where did golden retrievers originate?

Golden Retrievers originate in Scotland.iceland

Are golden retrievers vicious?

No. Golden Retrievers are very nice and gentle dogs.

Where can you find free golden retrievers for free?

search free golden retrievers

Were golden retrievers popular?

Golden Retrievers are immensely popular, especially in the USA.

Is golden retrievers a hunting dog?

Golden Retrievers were bred to be hunting dogs.

Does Ashley Tisdale like Golden Retrievers?

Yes she likes golden retrievers

What Is the most common guide dog breed?

Usually I see a Golden Retriever or Labrador doing the job. These breeds are very smart!Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds

Do golden retrievers play with cats?

It depends on the golden retrievers love my cat!

Are golden retrievers cross bred or not?

Golden retrievers are a pure breed, not a cross bred.

Can pit bulls get along with golden retrievers?

yes pitbulls get along with golden retrievers

How many people own golden retrievers?

how many people own golden retrievers?