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Yes, but it is extremely unlikely. HIV is in blood and vaginal fluids, so theoretically it could pass from the vagina into a cut, but again, it's unlikely.

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How do you get slight blood discharge after washing your vagina by inserting your finger in it?

inserting your fingers in the vagina can cause small tears in the delicate lining (mucosa) of the vagina. this can cause a slight bloody discharge. However if this happens all the times, you have to consult a Gynaecologist for internal examination to rule out a malignancy ? a pre cancerous lesion.

Can you put your finger in your vagina when your 11?

No the vagina doesnt start developing until 13 but its maybe possible because there a small vagina hole big enough to stick a pinky finger in it but it might hurt

Can you get pregnant if there was dry sperm in the finger and you inserted it to your vagina?

There's a very small chance, but it's possible.

Can you stick your hand in a vagina?

Well I don't think so. If the vagina is big enough or your hand is small it probably could. But girls really seem to like getting fingered meaning stick your finger in the vagina.

Can you get pregnant with some sperm on finger then touch vagina opening?

Most likely not. Sperm has to get clear up inside the vagina and past the cervix in order to fertilize an egg. If it's a small amount on a finger and right at the opening, you're probably safe.

How do you remove the ashtray in a Plymouth Voyager?

* Use a small screwdriver to lift it out then you are also able to remove the cup holder as well by inserting you finger behind the ashtray and pushing down on a small lever

What vagina hole do you stick it in?

at the top of the vagina will be a button that is the clitoris that can be fiddled with to stimulate her when fingering[ if you don't want to penetrate. directly below is a small hole [to small to stick anything in] this is where a woman pees ,i cant remember what its called. below that and above the anus is the vagina opening that is where you finger and stick "it" in.

Can a finger fit in my vagina if I'm a virgin?

unfortunetly not you will have to have a small surgical procedure go to your local gp and ask them for further advice happy to help

Is there a way to simulate sex and not just a vagina?

yes, using tools or toys (remote, finger, or another circular objects that are small enough to be inserted

do colon cancer call vagina to get small?

do colon cancer call vagina to get small

Is the small finger distal to the thumb?

No, the small finger is medial to the thumb.

Does small vagina leads less satisfaction in men?

No, small vagina does not lead to less sexual satisfaction. Vagina usually gets wider by arousal. Also a small vagina may feel pleasurably 'tight'.

Other than a penis and a tampon what else can you put up a vagina?

fist,baby buger sucker,finger,water,bubbles,and other small things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is your finger called next to the small finger small finger?

its your ring finger. they call it that cause when you get married or engaged you would put the ring on your left ring finger

It is a normal to have a small pimple in my vagina?

its a normal to have a pimple in my vagina?

What is the cherry in your vagina?

The "Cherry" is a small thin membrane that surrounds or partially covers the opening of the vagina called the hymen. The hymen can tear and bleed the first few times a woman has sex but it can also tear from inserting tampons, masturbation, bike riding, horseback riding, and many physical activities.

What are different names for the small finger?

There are various names for the human small finger in medical terminology and common speech, such as: * Fifth digit of the hand * Fifth finger * Little finger * Small finger * Pinky * Pinky finger * Fifth phalange of the hand * Fifth phalanx

What if your vagina is too small?

There isn't a vagina too small. Men crave for something that makes a tight fit.

Small finger like projections in large intestine?

the small finger-like projections in the small intestine are called vili, but there are none in the small ikntestine.

What is the cause of aching or cramps in your thumb and small finger?

What is the cause of aching or cramps in your thumb and small finger?

Why is that you cant still penetrate your partner?

It is assumed that you are a male and a female. You must prepare the vagina for sex with foreplay and stimulation with a finger until it is slippery or you must add lubrication gel to make it slippery. If the vagina is very small and cannot admit a finger there is a medical problem or your partner is a virgin. If she is a virgin she may have an intact hymen (maidenhead) which can usually be broken by finger or penis pressure. If the hymen is too tough to break, it is better to have it medically cut open.

Could you catch hiv if your partner touched inside your vaginal with his finger?

I received the HIV virus through touching a womans vagina. I had a small cut in my finger. I presume that if I (a man) could get it via a cut then a woman could receive it by a cut. Sex is not worth death!!

How do the finger monkeys get so small?

a finger monkey is a tiny monkey that can hug and hold on to your finger.

You have small painless bumps in and around your vagina what are they?

I suggest going to see your doctor or gynaecologist about them. It's probably nothing, but if you've had sex it's possible they could be an STD/STI (sexually transmitted disease/infection)

Finger-like extensions increasing surface area in small intestine?

Microvilli are finger-like projections that increase the surface area in the small intestine.

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