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Q: Can I become a citizen of Australia before I move there?
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If you are living in the US and you turn 18 can you move to Australia and by moving to Australia you become a legal citizen?

No definatley not...if ur American

Can I move to Australia and marry my fiance' if she resides in Australia and I am a British citizen?

Of course you can. You may need a visa.

How do you become a Puerto Rico resident?

If you are a US Citizen, just move.

Can you move to Japan?

yes, but to become a citizen you would need to know their rules

Do you need family to live in Australia before you move?


Can i become a barbados citizen if my grandfather was?

Unfortunately the answer is no.Barbados only allows citizenship by descent through Parents.

Is it illegal for a citizen to move from the US?

If you're asking is it illegal for a U.S. citizen to move out of the country then no.

Can a US citizen marry a austrulian citizen and move there?

yes if the girl or the man love each orther they can move on

How can a person get involved in the UK politics?

you could become a Muslim , move in and take a local poison quit quickly. Then you become a citizen and work you way up . Parliament in ten years. How about that

Can a 15 year old in Australia Victoria move out in with a friend who will support them without their parents permission?

In Australia, a minor cannot move out of their parent's home before they are 18 years old. If the parents give the child their permission to move out, they can move out at the age of 16 years old.

Can Americans turn into candaians?

That depends on how you define "American" and "Canadian". An American can certainly move to Canada and become a citizen, but you still will not be a "true" Canadian, as you were not born in Canada.

How does a British citizen moving to Canada to live?

British citizens may choose to move across the Atlantic to Canada. Prior to leaving Britain, they need to apply for a visa. The visa will be their way into the country until they become a permanent citizen. They will then need to find companies to move their belongings as well as new laws and culture/