Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Can I get all action replay cheats for Pokemon Diamond pearl?


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2008-04-06 22:51:40
2008-04-06 22:51:40

Probably not, but you can find a lot of them at www.codejunkies.com under Nintendo ds/GBA/pokemon diamond

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Search for '' Pokemon diamond DS cheats '' on Google. Sorry, some may require action replay :(

yes get a action replay

No, but you can get more cheats off the internet and there are a lot of cheats allready on the DS action replay card

Yes When You buy a action replay it is the latest update so it has every code. As Pokemon diamond is already out it will definetly have cheats for it.

it has preinstalled cheats, just put the Pokemon Diamond (or Pearl) cartrage in the action replay and put the action reply in the DS and turn the power on and then turn on the cheats and start the game

Well, as far as far as I know, there are only glichtes, like shiny pokemon. There are no cheats that don't use action replay.

No, the action replay doesn't do that. You can only get Money and Item cheats from it.

you need action replay by the way dose any one know any Pokemon R4 cheats for diamond

Use cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol an action replay will probably help

no codes without a action replay or I-cheat you can purchase I cheats at game

I am sorry. Afraid not but action replay is $20 and you can get it at any bestbuy.

There are no cheats in Pokemon diamond, although you can buy action replay and get all of the cheats possible like: Every Pokemon,999 Master Balls ETC

No you may not use Pokemon platinum cheats on diamond or pearl. The storyline is totally different! This doesn't include action replay!

you have to have some sort of action replay or cheats for it, you can not do it in the normal game

the last answer said action replay,but ... i hate that cause i no have it

get an action replay, get Pokemon modifier and full pokedex cheats, then find arceas!

u have to get an action replay, get the Pokemon modifier and pokedex cheats, then catch lugea.

If you go onto www.neoseeker.com find Diamond then click the button that says action replay and serch the cheats there are a few about it.

If you have an action replay and you can read, you should know where to find them all! If you can't or don't, then I'll spell this really clear. GO TO WWW.CODEJUNKIES.COM TO GET ALL OF THE POKEMON DIAMOND ACTION REPLAY CHEATS.

at pal park or with action replay (cheats) but with trade I think that is better.

realy go to gogle and type all Pokemon diamond action replay cheats there should be all the cheats all your questions will be answared and click the first link.

Cheating with Action Replay. Go to a Pokemon event! - by imaier Cheats, trading, or migrating

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