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Yes, you can purchase used tractor tires, and do not need to buy new tires. Online, you can purchase used tractor tires at

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The average price to have a set of used tractor tires retreaded is around $100 - $150 dollars per tire. Retreaded tires should only be considered if the tires are less than 5 years old.

Tires for a Jeep Wrangler can be purchased at a tire store, such as Tires, Tires, Tires. This chain of tire stores will not only sell tires, but does repairs on them as well.

They're made in many places. The tires for the biggest dump trucks, called earth movers are made in Lexington, SC. That's the only specific made tires from one place

Constantly subjected to heavy wear, tires of any type eventually degrade and require replacement; hard-working farm tractor tires are no exception. The biggest initial obstacle to replacing a tire is the near countless number of sizes and varieties available, which vary not only by type of vehicle, but by desired use.Tires for new tractorsIf the tractor was purchased new, your owner's manual details the model numbers for parts likely to require replacement down the road. Tractor tires are among the parts listed in this manual, which lists the tire size installed out of the factory. Factory tires are built for dry, flat surface use; if mud tires are required, checking with the tractor dealer after you know the proper size of flat surface tires is recommended.Flat surface tires are different than mud tires and are built for a standard dry environment application. Mud tires are useful in areas with heavy rainfall and are specifically constructed for greater traction with deeper treads. Tires for older tractorsFinding tires for older tractors is a little more challenging, especially if very little is known about the original parts of the tractor. All tires include their width and diameter imprinted somewhere along the inner rim, and some tires also have the size listed. However, on older tires that have undergone significant wear, this information may have rubbed away over time. In this case, taking the old tire to a dealer who specializes in replacements is a recommended alternative.When purchasing a used tractor, it is important to note any information that is available on the installed tires immediately; jot down these details and keep them readily accessible. All tires require replacement eventually, and knowing the right make and model of tire, as well as the proper rim size, saves headaches farther down the road.

Torque and angular speed of axle are not decided by size of tire, but by engine. Although M.I. of the tire contributes its effects on torque and angular speed, it is not significantly. So tires can only control traction force. Tractor is supposed to run on soft terrain like farm where coefficient of friction is comparatively low. So there is a engineering challenge of less available traction force. If a smaller rear wheel is used then for a particular torque available from engine it can produce higher traction force (Torque = Force x radius) but only on the terrain where sufficient coefficient of friction is available, and if terrain is soft and we try to produce high traction by reducing size of tire, the tractor will skid, which is undesired. That is why larger rear wheels are used in tractors.

Apparently many people feel that it not only saves money but time also if you fix your tractor tires yourself. There is a step by step guide on how to at this website Also you can buy tires for your tractor at any of these websites, and

You can shop and purchase the snow tires you need for your car at They offer free Shipping on All Cooper & Toyo Winter Tires. Limited Time Only!

The only reason a person might purchase some drag tires is that they routinely race their vehicles. Driving on the street with drag tires in stop and go traffic will quickly wear down the tire. If a person avidly races their vehicle, they should buy drag tires.

Assuming that you are referring to 22 inch rims and tires, there is a wealth of information available online. You will learn that this is a custom tire size that is only available at specialized retailers.

Certainly, the tire manufacturer doesn't make a differance, just the tire size. Michelin make a great car tire, and they are one of the longest lasting "car" tires that can be placed on a car. I'm a diesel mechanic that deals with lots of different types of Tractor trailer tires, and I found Mich's are horrible for tractor trailers, but great (and the only tires I personally use) on my own car.

R-rated tires (up to 106 mph). N-rated through R-rated tires are only available for light trucks and not passenger vehicles.

Having healthy habits is essential to a better lifestyle and a longer life. Eating right is not the only way to making changes in one’s life. Diet must be combined with rigorous exercise to create a lifestyle change. With thousands or options, pick something which adds a challenge to a workout. Try exercising with tractor tires!This form of exercise may seem different, but the benefits are unfound. Regardless of the exercise, every muscle will be worked to capacity when using tractor tires.Exercise #1: Goblet SquatUsing smaller tractor tires for this exercise is important. Try lawn tractor tires. Start the exercise by grabbing the tractor tires with both hands and holding them vertically in front of the chest.Feet shoulder widths apart, bend at the knees as if sitting into a chair. At the bottom of the squat, pause then push toward the standing position. Perform this exercise 12-15 times is sets of three.Exercise #2: Tractor tires swingBegin this exercise by grabbing a tire in front of the body. Squat down while holding the tire between the legs. While pushing toward a standing position thrust hips forward and swings tractor tires to shoulder level. Continue this exercise for 3 sets. Maximum repetitions should be between 12 and 15. Want to intensify the workout? Using two tractor tires will have the heart rate peaked in no time.Exercise #3: Tractor tires lungeThis exercise requires a bit of coordination. Grab the tire and hold it on either side. Step forward with the left leg and lower toward a lunge. Instead of immediately returning to a standing position, twist the body toward the left and then return to center. Once the twist is completed, raise the body to a standing position.This particular exercise will need to be performed on both sides of the body. Performing three sets of 10-12 repetitions will be sufficient. Pay close attention to form. The body weight should not be over the knee, but rather the thigh.Exercise #4: Tractor tire push-overNow is the time to utilize industrial tractor tires. The tractor tires should be in a horizontal position. Bend the body at the knees as if performing a squat. Place the hands on the edge of the tractor tires and begin the assent to a standing position. The body should be slightly angled toward the tractor tires. Approximately halfway through the push, turn hands toward the tractor tires.The remainder of the exercise utilizes the arms. Continue to press toward a standing position and push the tractor tires over. Once the tire is again horizontal, perform the exercise again. This exercise should be performed in sets of three with 5-10 repetitions.

Studded snow tires will have great traction but can tear up the road and so will only be available in some states.

The Blackboard Software is only available for teaching/education institutions

That means that you have to be a verifiable business to purchase something, as opposed to a consumer.

Fluocinolona is a steroid cream available only in Spain. It does not seem to be available for purchase online.

There is only one place where FIFA World Cup tickets can be purchased. The tickets are available only through FIFA, and they will be available for purchase on the FIFA website.

Minecraft is only available for purchase online via

Although i frequently see vehicles with snow tires only on the drive wheels, it is recommended by all manufacturers that all 4 tires match, meaning that if you feel you need snow tires then you should purchase 4.

The person on the loan is responsible for paying it back. Therefore, the person on the loan owns the tractor. If you are a co-signer you are also co-owner. Unless you have some other type of document stating you have contributed the down payment or loaned the person money for the tractor, you have no rights to the tractor.

The Mass Transit magazine is available by subscription only if one is looking to purchase it. The magazine is also available to read online in its entirety.

A tractor is one of the tools you can purchase that will ease the help of your farming. A tractor specifically does plowing. When you us the plow tool, you can only plow one square at a time. However, when you have a tractor, you have the ability to plow up to four squares at one time. This saves you time, and the amount of clicks! The catch is though, it requires fuel to run.When you purchase one of the pieces of farm equipment (Tractor, Harvester or Seeder) you automatically get one free bar full of gas. This bar is a meter showing you how much gas you have to run your vehicles. When it gets empty, you can purchase more to continue plowing or you can wait for it to refill if you rather save money.

The front wheel(s) are only for steering and holding the front end up. The back wheels supply the power and must have traction. Making them big lets them carry big tires which keeps the tractor from getting stuck in muddy fields and keeps them from slipping so easily. The big lugs on the tires also help in that regard.

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