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Torque and angular speed of axle are not decided by size of tire, but by engine. Although M.I. of the tire contributes its effects on torque and angular speed, it is not significantly. So tires can only control traction force. Tractor is supposed to run on soft terrain like farm where coefficient of friction is comparatively low. So there is a engineering challenge of less available traction force. If a smaller rear wheel is used then for a particular torque available from engine it can produce higher traction force (Torque = Force x radius) but only on the terrain where sufficient coefficient of friction is available, and if terrain is soft and we try to produce high traction by reducing size of tire, the tractor will skid, which is undesired. That is why larger rear wheels are used in tractors.

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Q: Why are the rear tires of a tractor bigger than the front tires?
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Why the rear tires of tractor is bigger than the front tires?

for traction

Why are the rear tires of a tractor larger than the front tires?

To provide more traction.

What size are the rear tires on your cub cadet 1641?

The size of the rear tires on the Cub Cadet 1641 garden tractor are 23x10.5-12. The size of the front tires are 16x6.5-8. The wheel base on this tractor is 46.5 inches.

What determines the ratio between the front and rear tractor tires?

The torque which is to be transmitted in the tyres defines it

Why tractor front wheels are smaller in size compared to rear wheels?

It is more difficult to steer with big tires, they are smaller so they are managable, also the weight on a tractor and traction is needed in the rear

Why is the size of tires in front and rear axle of tractor different?

Because the front tyres are used to actually steer the tractor, whereas the rear ones typically are not. Thus, it's important to ensure that the front tyres have enough clearance to where they won't rub against the frame or other components of the tractor when they're turned.

How do you rotate tires on 4x4 pickup?

Trade the rear tires to the front and the front tires to the rear. Every other time you do it, trade the right front tire to the left rear and right rear to left front

What is the rear tractor tire size on a kioti tractor 2554?

If they are regular tires and the tractor is 2wd they are 11.2-24 and 4wd they are 9.5-24 If they are turf tires and the tractor is 2 or 4wd they are 41x14.00-20

How do you rotate directional tires?

DIRECTIONAL tires stay on the same side of the vehicle Front to rear , rear to front

Why the rear tire of a farm tractor has less pressure than the front one which is smaller in size?

The pressure in any tire is determined by the weight the tire is supposed to carry . For example , if a car is weighing 2000 kilos , each tire is carrying 500 kilos weight . The pressure in the tire should be such as to withstand this weight . Pressure is force divided by area . So the more the area of the tire connecting to the land , the less tyre pressure is needed to withstand the weight . The rear tires of the tractor are almost double the size of the front tires and carry three fourth of the weight of the tractor . So if the tractor weighs 2000 kgs the rear tires carry weight of 1500 kgs and the front tires carry weight of 500 kgs . But then the front tires are one half the size so the pressure there will be 2 X pressure in rear tyre X 3/4 . ( These are approximate calculations for illustration . ) So the front tire should have about 1.5 times more pressure than the rear tires .

Do front or rear tires wear out faster on a rear-wheel drive car?


1999 Camry - Do you put the snow chains on the front or rear tires?

On the front tires.

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