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If they are regular tires and the tractor is 2wd they are 11.2-24 and 4wd they are


If they are turf tires and the tractor is 2 or 4wd they are 41x14.00-20

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The size of the rear tires on the Cub Cadet 1641 garden tractor are 23x10.5-12. The size of the front tires are 16x6.5-8. The wheel base on this tractor is 46.5 inches.

A John Deere 2040 had a rear tire size of 13.6-28

It is more difficult to steer with big tires, they are smaller so they are managable, also the weight on a tractor and traction is needed in the rear

Because the front tyres are used to actually steer the tractor, whereas the rear ones typically are not. Thus, it's important to ensure that the front tyres have enough clearance to where they won't rub against the frame or other components of the tractor when they're turned.

depends on the size of the tractor

The size of the back tractor tire on the 4430 JD tractor is 18.4-38.

On all john deere early/late model b styled tractors that had the 38 in rims should have size 10-38 rear tires or 11.2-38 is the replacement size for the 10-38's to be correct.

The size of the back tractor tire on the 4430 JD is 18.4-38. The size of the tire on a John Deer 4430 farm tractor is 20.8-34.

Any tire made for Tractors will work fine with the John Deere Tractor. Just be aware of the size of your tractor so you can be aware of what size tires you will need to put on the tractor itself.

the average weight of a kenworth tractor/truck is 9tones depending on the size of it.

Depends on the size of the tractor and what work it is doing.

It would depend on farm size. Any farm should have a tractor for day to day operations of the farm. But size matters when choosing the correct type of tractor.

You can check you tractor manual to get the tractor tire tubes correct measurements. You can also check with tractor supply stores to find the right tire tubes for your tractor model.

The pressure in any tire is determined by the weight the tire is supposed to carry . For example , if a car is weighing 2000 kilos , each tire is carrying 500 kilos weight . The pressure in the tire should be such as to withstand this weight . Pressure is force divided by area . So the more the area of the tire connecting to the land , the less tyre pressure is needed to withstand the weight . The rear tires of the tractor are almost double the size of the front tires and carry three fourth of the weight of the tractor . So if the tractor weighs 2000 kgs the rear tires carry weight of 1500 kgs and the front tires carry weight of 500 kgs . But then the front tires are one half the size so the pressure there will be 2 X pressure in rear tyre X 3/4 . ( These are approximate calculations for illustration . ) So the front tire should have about 1.5 times more pressure than the rear tires .

What fram oil filter fits a l3130 kubota tractor

Farm tractor tires are tires that fit on a variety of tractors. They can range in size and tread and have different purposes depending on the type of tractor that they are made for.

Hello, I need to know the tractor model number and deck size to answer your question..

What is the size of the rear speakers on daewoo lanos

It varies from tractor to tractor based on size of the hydraulic pump and lift needs. Please give more info for a specific ammount before trying anything on your tractor.

It depends what you are looking for in a tractor. Size, mobility, power are all things to consider before purchasing a tractor for personal use. MAke sure it fits your need.s

that depends on the size of the tractor

Yes you could find a tractor for sale on ebay. The price really depends on the size, year, model, and brand of the tractor. Try to find a tractor for sale near you.

The size distinction varies from state to state. The average trailer lenght is around 53' and the tractor length varies depending on whether or not it has a sleeper and the size of engine. The best definition of a semi truck is that it consist of a towing engine or tractor and a semi-trailer which is used to haul cargo. The trailers generally have 3 axles with the rear axles having two wheels each and the trailers have two wheels on each of the tandem axles.

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