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Yes, you may receive up to $500 tax deduction if you donate your truck.

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2010-02-25 22:31:10
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Q: Can I receive a tax deduction if I donate my truck?
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Will I receive a tax rebate if I donate my old truck?

If you donate your truck to a goodwill store, then yes, you will receive a receipt good for money off your taxes.

Is there really such a thing as a car donation tax deduction?

If you donate your car to a charity you are eligible to receive a ta credit.

If I donate my used pickup truck to a school, church or a charity can I use it for a tax deduction?

You can deduct the appraised value of the vehicle from your federal tax liability.

Do you get a tax-deduction if you donate to the Red Cross?


How could one get tax deductions in the UK from automobile donations?

The United States has tax breaks when donating a car but there are no such breaks in the UK. One can donate their car to charities but will not receive any tax deduction.

Can you get a tax deduction if you donate a car to an individual?

No, if anything you would OWE a gift tax. ONLY contributions to qualified and certified charities are ever deductible. Cars even have special requirements to receive a deduction that only some qualifed charities are able to comply with.

Is there a car donation tax if I donate my car?

There is a car donation tax credit if you donate your old car to an authorized charity. The current deduction value limit is $500.

Where is a great place to donate your vehicle?

Most school run some sort of Automotive-Tech class and are usually willing to accept automobile donations for the students to practice on and learn from. Also you can donate a car to the Salvation Army and receive a tax deduction.

What is the tax deduction on a new truck?

There is no "tax deduction on a new truck." If you use the truck for business, you may be able to deduct part of the cost as a business expense. This is complicated enough that you should probably talk to a CPA or Enrolled Agent (somebody who prepares taxes for a living).

Do you still get a charitable deduction for junk car donation?

You can still get a tax deduction for the donation of your old car. You will receive a deduction that equals the actual fair market value of the vehicle, and you cannot automatically receive the maximum allowance.

If you donate your car can your parents take the tax deduction?

Not unless they where the registered owner of the vehicle, and the organization to which the car was donated is a tax-free charity like GoodWill or the Salvation Army, or a church. The charity will know if it can be taken as a tax deduction and will give you a receipt for the vehicle.

If someone was to donate a car to charity what sort of tax deduction could be made?

When donating a car to charity, a tax deduction is granted to you based off the market value of the car. What the car would have sold for is irrelevant when donating it to charity.

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