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You can record from DVD's to VCR's, but only on some players. Toshiba makes a DVD to VCR recorder.

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Q: Can I record to a DVD from this player or just to the VCR?
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How do you hook up a VCR player and a DVD player to a HDTV?

vcr out into DVD in, DVD out into tvhd in

How do you copy a vcr tape to a DVD using your tv vcr and DVD player?

You can't, for one simple reason: a DVD player can only play DVDs, it cannot record them. In order to copy anything onto a DVD, you need a DVD burner (or recorder).

Does sony make a dvd/vcr combo player?

Sony DVD/VCR Combo Player, SLVD370P

How do you transfer video to DVD?

There are now VCR's that will copy a VCR to a DVD, and will also record TV programs to either the VCR or DVD, depending on which one you set it to record to. But these VCR/DVD recorders are a great way to transfer your VCR's to DVD to save and preserve them. You could also use an DVD creator to convert many popular formats into DVD movies and create DVD folders.

Which DVD/VCR combo players can record both at the same time?

Any of the DVD/VCR combo players that say DVD-RW will be able to record both.

What is a cheap dvd/vcr player?

The Sony SLV D380P DVD/VCR is inexpensive.

How do you record on a NEC NDT43 - DVD player VCR combo?

Refer to your owner's manual. It's all in there.

do any DVD players also record?

Yes, there are plenty of DVD players that also record. They are just as simple to program as a VCR, and many are very afforadable.

What VCRs can record off of DVDs?

Any of the Sony dual VCR/DVD players can record from DVD.

Which DVD/VCR combo players can record DVDs?

Any of the players that say DVD-RW can record DVD's, but you will pay more for it.

will DVD/VCR Combos record from comercial DVDs?

No legal DVD/VCR combo will allow for the duplication of commercial DVDs. This is an infringement of copyright law.

Are you able to transfer VHS to DVD using a combo unit?

Yes on some models, most are just DVD players and VHS record,Sony's RDR-VX560 DVD recorder/VCR combo has the ability to record DVD's.

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