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There is nothing whatsoever to stop you from using what ever in your jugement is a viable alternative pool sanitizing system.

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Q: Can I replace my pool chlorine system with an alternative technology?
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Can you add a salt water system to an already chlorinated pool?

Yes, just install the chlorine generator and add the salt. Your new system will replace the need for residual chlorine.

Can you add chlorine to a saltwater pool system?

Yes, after all they are chlorine systems. the chlorine is made from the salt in the water. If you are not getting the correct chlorine level you may need to service or replace the salt water chlorinator.

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What is the best chemical free alternative to an indoor swimming pool other than chlorine or salt?

Ozone is the best choice for an indoor pool. You will still have to have a very small amount of residual chlorine to supplement the ozone system.

What better salt system or chlorine?

A salt system makes chlorine, that's what its there for.

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You currently have an above ground pool using a Baquacil not chlorine based system Can you convert this system to salt without problems?

You first have to convert the pool to a chlorine system As a salt water system is a chlorine system.

What is better Salt water or Chlorine pool system?

If you have a salt water pool then you have a chlorine generating system. In a salt water pool through an electric process, the sodium turns into Sodium Hypochlorite. (Chlorine / Bleach ) Now to answer your question: With a chlorine generator system the majority of expense is up front with the unit itself and then when you have to replace the cell. A cell will usually last about 5 years. With chlorine you simply pay for the chlorine as needed. I've had some customers (the Lady's say the salt makes there skin feel smoother. I personally don't notice a difference.

What are the advantages and disadvantages for alternatives to chlorine for pool maintenance?

The advantage offered by most 'alternatives' is that they, at best, reduce the amount of chlorine you need to add. The only alternative which does the entire job on its own is the Saline (salt) System and although it produces 'chlorine' (from salt dissolved in the pool water) it results in NONE of the obnoxious features attributed to chlorine - no skin irritations, no chlorine odors, no red eyes, no hair damage. A saline pool does not need 'shock' chemicals nor does it require algaecides. Whatever you do, don't get sucked into believing that baquacil is a good alternative.

How do you convert a salt water pool to a chlorine pool?

you have to replace then entire filter system as they use different processes to treat the water.

What is better chlorine or ionisation system?

ionisation system stay in water whereas chlorine evaporate into the air, Chlorine irritates the skin, the eyes, and the respiratory system.

Does anyone have a preference for a particular system for no chlorine pools?

SoftSwim from BioGuard is the best system out there for No-Chlorine pools.

Is a chlorine system or a salt water system the best for a lined pool?

A salt system IS a chlorine system. Chlorine is still the sanitizer. The salt system is there so a chlorine generator can make the chlorine from the salt instead of you having to deal with it. There is no such thing as "best", only tradeoffs. A salt system is expensive even if you break it down per year (with initial and replacement costs). However much less maintenance. A salt system IS perfectly safe for a vinyl, or any type, pool.

Why is chlorine poisonous?

Chlorine is poisonous because it irritates the eyes and respiratory system.

Is a chlorine system or a salt water system better for sanitizing swimming pools?

Chlorine is a better system because it kills algie and the salt water atracts it.

Can you switch to saltwater system if theres chlorine in the pool?

yes, a saltwater system is in fact a chlorine system anyway the difference being that salt is added to the pool and a chlorinator is put inline to convert part of the salt electronically into chlorine.

Do you have to drain a chlorine pool before converting to salt water?

No not alll. I had a chlorine system first. We transitioned to a salt system with no problems.

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Technology is a system in every sense of the word. A system is a set of things or parts that are connected to form something complex and this is what technology is all about.

What is the difference between a saltwater pool or a chlorine pool?

A salt water pool is a chlorine pool. The difference is that the chlorine is manufactured in the system by the chlorine generator. Otherwise NO DIFFERENCE!!

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Can you switch from chlorine to a saltwater system just by installing a chlorine generator and adding salt?


Can I Mix salt in a chlorine pool?

Do you have a system installed at the equipment pad that will convert the salt to chlorine? If not, then NO!.