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Can you add a salt water system to an already chlorinated pool?

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Yes, just install the chlorine generator and add the salt. Your new system will replace the need for residual chlorine.

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stagnet or still water attracts mosquitos weather salt brackish or chlorine Not your pool. A salt water pool IS a chlorinated pool if the system is working properly.

yes chlorinated water will kill plants

Yes salt water pools are chlorinated pool any way.

Yes there is no need to drain a chlorinated pool to change it to salt water pool all you have to do is add the salt install the new equipment and run it as usual.

No HFMD can not survive in Chlorinated water. Actually the chlorinated water will help Sue M MD

yes, chlorinated water does cause skin darkening

No. Chlorinated water contains the same ingredient as bleach. It will kill all the plants in the garden.

chlorinated pool waters have side effects

To the best of my knowledge, no they can't. Your salt pool converts the salt into chlorine, and plankton cannot live in a chlorinated system.

chlorinated fresh water (not salt water )

Since a saltwater pool is actually a chlorinated water system, you want to use a chlorine based oxidizer. Follow the instructions on the package for dosage, and precautions.

All you have to do is ad the required amount of salt and install a saltwater chlorinator into the line Depending on the setup you put in you will get instructions on water balance etc.

They'll die incredibly fast, especially if the pool is chlorinated.

Get over it. He made a mistake. You may point it out to him nicely of course. BTW it does not hurt or he may have felt that the pool needed it. BTW there is a mode in the salt system to shock the pool thru the system. precipitation

There is two types of pools: Chlorinated pools and salt water pools. If you have a salt water pool then yes, you would add salt to the pool.

Yes, but so can chlorinated pool water.

Yes, the chlorine will burn your skin

Salt water pools are chlorinated pools the difference is that the salt in a salt water pool is run through a salt water chlorinator Which then makes the chlorine as the filtration equipment runs. The salt water pool is only very slightly salty and gives the water a better feeling to swim in. With a fresh water chlorinated pool you have to add chlorine to keep the chlorine levels up.

Make sure ur pool is chlorinated often cause that kills them and they also bite

A salt system connected into the plumbing of the pool produces chlorine from the salt that is added to the pool. One system is done manually the other is somewhat automatic. You have to add the salt and test and monitor pretty much the same as in the manual add system.

Yes, it does. No, it isn't! Chlorinated water is most common today. Many choose this type of system because the chlorine tablets are already available. Many find it more effective in dealing with bacteria and algae. Without chlorine, the pool can get clogged easily and be swamped with green algae.

It is very unlikely for someone to experience chlorine poisoning by swimming, even in highly chlorinated pool water. Nonetheless, be sure to shower after swimming, because regular, chlorinated pool water can easily irritate skin and hair.

Since a saltwater pool IS a chlorinated pool (the only difference is how the chlorine is addded since it is manufactured by the SWCG and not added separately) the answer is yes.

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