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Can I rip the rhythm from a CD without the voice?

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No. CD data, when decoded is raw PCM audio which contains the waveform of all songs. If you really want to remove voice and don't mind a hit in the quality of your music, you can use a waveform editor (like the free Audacity) to equalize out the most prominent vocal frequencies (in the area of about 300Hz, give or take).

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How do you rip a CD?

If you have to rip cd without losing your time and money you may go for CDEX Download. It comes to you as a freeware opensource cd ripping application which can be easily downloaded and installed. It is easy to operate too.

What is to rip a CD?

If you have to rip cd without losing your time and money you may go for CDEX Download. It comes to you as a freeware opensource cd ripping application which can be easily downloaded and installed. It is easy to operate too.

When you rip a CD does it damage the CD?

No it means import. They just say "rip"

How do you rip a CD to windows media player?

you put a CD in your drive and click rip on there then isn't it

If you rip a CD will it take the songs off completely?

No, if you rip a CD the music will be on your computer but the CD will still retain the music as well.

What does rib CD mean?

You have misheard the words - you mean "rip CD" not "rib CD".If you "rip" a CD then you are making a copy of it onto either another blank CD or some other medium.

How do you rip songs to your xbox360?

Via CD, put it into the disk drive and go on to music. Select the CD and then rip.

How do you get songs of a CD on to computer?

Put the CD in your drive then open windows media player and go to the rip tab. It can rip any song from your CD to your computer.

What do you do to keep the music on the CD do you rip or burn?

To keep music on a CD, it is already there and you do nothing. To put music onto a CD, you "burn" it to the CD. To copy music from a CD to some other memory location, you "rip" it.

I tired to rip a custom made CD to my Xbox 360 and the rip cd button isn't lit up Any reason why?

You cant rip burnt Cd's to the Xbox 360 it wont let you. If its just a regular cd and the option to rip it is grayed out its probably because you have an arcade with no hard drive. Since there is no hard drive there is no were to rip the cd to. So if you have the new 4gb slim or an old arcade you cant rip cds.

How do you transfer music videos from a CD to iTunes?

Rip the CD into iTunes.

How do you rip a CD on to your xbox?

Put the CD in and goto music and download.

Can you rip CD's and put them into your zune?

of course you can. just put in the CD you want to rip and when it registers with the zune software click the CD icon on the bottom left. from there click the 'rip CD' button and there you go! all you have to do is just transfer it over to your zune

How can you rip the music from CD?

Put the CD into your computer and a program will pop up after a couple of seconds. Go to RIP CD and start it. If you cant find the button, go to your help bar.

How do you take music of a CD?

Use a program, such as Musicmatch Jukebox, to "Rip" the CD.

What does rip CD mean on the computer?

It means you are downloading music on to your computer from your CD.

How can the CD from itunes play on a CD player?

There is an answer to it if you transfer it to something windows Media player you can rip the CD

When you rip a CD on windows media player does it delete the original file on the CD?

No your original file is not deleted from a CD when you rip it with WMP. CD media is general read-only, which means you can play it back but can't edit or delete it.

How do you rip music off a disc onto an Xbox 360?

Firstly, you can only rip music off an audio CD, not a data CD, just insert audio cd, it should play automatically and then select rip. it will take time, if it takes to long your screwed

How do you convert CD into mp3 with 128 bit encoding?

Download Express Rip: Once it is installed, open it up and set the output format to .mp3 And output folder to wherever you want Next, press on "Encoder Settings" and press on "Constant Bitrate" Change the bitrate box to "128" and the "channels" box to "Joint" Now you can put your CD in and press "Rip CD" Once it's done you can play the files or put it on your iPod/mp3 player. Next time you need to convert, or "Rip" a CD, all you need to do is put your CD in, open up Express Rip, and press "Rip CD"!

What is riping a CD?

When you rip a CD, you are taking all data from the CD to transfer to something else, such as a computer. If you were to burn a CD, you are putting information on that CD.

How do you burn a CD off iTunes?

Insert CD, go to itunes and select rip audio off CD.

Can you rip a CD on to an iPod?

You add it to your iTunes library first, and then sync your iPod. You can't rip a CD directly onto an iPod because that doesn't work.

What does it mean to rip music from an audio CD?

it means you are converting the music from the CD to your computer

How do you rip a CD on windows explorer?

Use your Windows Media Player. It can rip CDs to your computer.