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The online permit test can be practices with online tests. However, you must be present at the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain the driver's permit.

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Q: Can I take my permit test online?
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Can you take a permits test online Age limit What test will be available online?

Yes I can take a permits test online. you can take practice permit test at online shop that provides you a permits test online with many choose of practice permit test such as, etc. just try to visit to take a permits test online.

In Nevada can you take your permit test online?

No you can not. You must schedule an appointment at the DMV to take your permit test in Nevada.

Where can my son get his driving permit with an online test?

There are some very good websites online where your son can take an online driving permit test. The best one I can recommend is

If you take the test to get your learners permit online how do you get your permit?

you dont get it on the have to go to a dmv..

Can people take an online driving permit test?

She can take the online driving permit test anytime to save on time and energy. It is free to do at your convenience. Visit the DMV site for your location to get started.

Where can you take the permit test online?

You could take a practice test online, this is a good website you could go to and pracrice......

Do you have to take a drug test to get your permit?

no you don't bet drug tested, and if you are scared you can take the test online

You want to study for your permit test how could you do that?

read the handbook and take free online permit tests

Where in Florida do you take your signs test for your permit?

you can take all your permit tests including the drug and alcohol test online. but if you do not have a computer or something, you can also take it at your local DMV office. i would suggest taking it online though

How long does it take to get your permit after the test?

if you go to the dmv to take the test you can get it right then but if you take the test online you have to wait 24 hours

Where can I take online drivers permit test?

You can check your online drivers permit test information at the public driverstest dot com site. They have all the preparation materials you will need to get ready.

Is there a sample practice permit test?

You can take a practice permit test online. offers these test. Also you may want to try the DMV in your states website.

Can you take learners permit test online?

yes you can if its a safe place. If not you can take the the test.

Where is a good place in which an online permit test can be taken?

The best place to take an online permit test would be to go to your official state DMV website and use their test taking suggestion as it would be safe and reliable.

is there a driving permit test I can take home?

You can't take the permit test home but there is a driver's manual that you can take home or look up on the internet and study off of. After you study the manual you can take permit sample tests online to see what your score is and if you need to study more.

Do you have to take a permit test if you are 18 years old?

yes. but you dont hafto take an online course

Can i take my permit test online to get my license?

No, because it would be too easy to cheat.

Can you take the Alabama learners permit test online?

No, you have to go to a local DMV office.

Do you have to take a test to get your learners permit?

Yes you must take a test to get your learners permit.

What is drivers ed online?

i started at 15 but you have to be 15 1/2 to take the permit test.

Where can I find a learners permit practice test?

There are many online shops that provide learners permit practice test. is one of online shop that provides learners permit practice test. You can visit

Can I take driving classes online before I'm 15 so I can get my permit right when I turn 15..If their is I cant find the site does anyone know?

i think you can take driving classes online before 15 BUT you can NOT take your permit test wen you turn 15 because you have to be at least 15.5 to take the test by law in california !

Can you receive a drivers license online?

NO. you have to do drivers ed online before you take the test at dmv. i started the course at 15 but you have to be 15 1/2 to take the permit test.

Is there an online practice permit test that I can use?

There are many sites that offer online practice permit test. You may try the DMV site in your state or

Can you take your learners permit online?

You can find practice learner permit tests online but you will need to appear in person to take your official test. The department of motor vehicles must make certain it is youfilling in the blanks.