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The "Open with" window gives you the option of selecting which program to use to open the file you have selected. jpeg is not listed because jpeg is a file format, not a program. If you clicked on a jpeg file and got an "Open with" selection window, you want to select a program that handles jpeg's, such as MS Paint, Paint Shop Pro, or Photoshop.

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Q: Can JPEG format be added to the options in an Open With window?
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What is a JPEG file format?

This is a common format for pictures and other image files. It can be writen at .JPEG or .JPG.

How can you convert a JPEG file to coral draw format?

CorelDraw files (.CDR) use a is a vector format, And the Jpeg is raster. You can import the jpeg into CorelDraw and then "Save As" .CDR

What format is best for wordpress graphics?

There are many formats such as jpeg,gif,png and (for favicons) ico. Jpeg format is the best

What is an Image format that supports compression and is typically used for photographs and complex images?

JPG or JPEG file format (.jpg or .jpeg).

How do you convert a wpostx file to a JPEG file?

Wpostx is the format used by Windows Live Writer. As such it is a text format which does not lend itself to conversion to a bitmap image format such as JPEG.

When was JPEG format introduced?


What file format is used to compress digital images?

Usually people compress digital images using JPEG file format (JPEG compression).

How do you convert JPEG into docx?

JPEG is an image format. DOCX is a Microsoft Word document format.You can insert an image (a jpeg) into a Word document and save the document.There is no "conversion" tool I know of that will transform an image in jpeg format into a word document. To do this you need MS Word 2007 installed and used as described above.

What does JPEG mean in computer lingo?

JPEG is is file format for most things on Google Images.

What are the advantages of using JPEG file format over GIF file format?

JPEG format can contain more colors than our eyes can see and GIF can contain up to 256 colors.

Where can you find information about the JPEG format?

You can find accurate information about JPEG compression and JPEG/EXIF file format in wikipedia - see related link.If you are looking to write programs supporting the JPEG/EXIF file format you should have a look at jpeglib - see related link.

What was JPEG designed to do?

The term "JPEG" is the acronym for the Joint Photographic Experts Group. Its the file format for pictures

How could you convert psd file to JPEG file?

Its really simple task buddy, just follow the options below:1st method: If you want to make the JPEG for web purpose then:Open your PSD filePress CTRL+ Shift+ ALT+ S then a Save for Web window will pop upFrom top right corner set JPEG from Drop Down boxAlso there you can set other parameters tooThen click on SAVE button in right bottom of the same windowAnother Save Optimized as window will pop up asking you where you want to save your JPEG file in your hard driveGive a file name and select the location where you want to save itThen click on SAVE button andDONE. Your PSD file has been converted to JPEG for web purpose.Another Method: If you are Converting PSD to JPEG for Printing Purpose:Open your PSD filePress CTRL+SHIFT+Sa Save As window will pop upSelect the File Format to JPEG from drop downClick on Save ButtonAnother JPEG Options window will pop up with options to optimize the JPEG formatSet the Quality as per your need (Lower quality will less the quality of your JPEG file and will decrease the file size OR High, Maximum quality will maintain the quality of your JPEG but will increase the file size most)After setting these options, press Save button and your JPEG file will be saved.Now DONE again, your PSD file has been converted to JPEG file.Hope this helps.Cheers

How do I convert a JPEG to a Microsoft Word document?

A jpeg is a graphic, so it cannot be converted to a Word format. Even if it is a jpeg of some text, it is still a graphic, so that text will not be converted into text in a Word document. You can either insert the whole jpeg into the Word document or, if there is text you want in it, print the jpeg and use a scanner to scan the text into a text format.

Why is the JPEG graphic format a 'Universal' format for graphic storage?

because its rubbish and jom

What JPEG format is most commonly used?


What does JPEG means?

Joint Photographic Expert Group. JPEG is a compression format and standard for still images such as pictures.

Why does Adobe Photoshop change JPEG back to psd file when opened?

You are doing something wrong save picture in jpeg format go to -file->save for web and device , it will open window where you can compare and optimize pictures (original and picture you are attempting to save) with some customizable settings about picture format and picture quality.When you done click save and ensure that picture will be saved as jpeg.In save window you will see empty text box where you must type name for this picture (if it doesn't have name) and below drop down list with many picture formats (PSD,PNG,JPEG),choose from list .jpeg

How can convert JPEG image to tiff format?

open image in photoshop then go to File -> Save As and in Save As window in Format section at bottom press arrow on right side and choose TIFF from list, then click save

What is a JPEG file?

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is a standard method of compressing photographic images. We also call JPEG the file format which employs this compression.

Which has a larger file format JPEG file or tiff file?

Normally TIFF has a larger size, but there are also exceptions. It depends on the compression applied to the image. Both TIFF and JPEG can compress images. The compression ration is determined by the compression options (mostly quality counts). Besides that TIFF is a very complex format that can encapsulate also JPEG. For more details please see the related questions.

What is the default format for a pocket camera?

Either jpg or jpeg

Which formats supports 16 million colors is optimized for photographs and complex graphics and is the format of choice for photographers on the web?

JPEG file format which have .jpg or .jpeg extension at the end of file name.

How do you use convert JPEG or jpg file to map format?

Google: online image format converter

How can you convert JPEG file to mp3 format?

You can't a .JPEG is a photo or image file while a .MP3 is a music or audio file.