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Well if you've been up to date you would know that the answer is yes

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Well I think john cena is stronger because who can pick up the Big show and edge at the same time. Also hes hotter. I just hate him. Any way john cena is stronger and hotter that's why hes stronger. And he WON against Batista so that tell the truth.

John Cena was successful to be wwe champ 6 times he just won the chamber match until mr mcman sent batista on him and batista took it away john failed when he was against shemus he got through threw a table. he won a match against against randy ortan he did give up and that awesome! i love john cena!!!!!!

yes because hulk weighs about 800lbs.

yes, he has done it before. if you look at him and john cena standing beside each other, batista is bigger. he is way more cut too.

cena has the hart Batista has the strength cena has resiliency Batista has aggression cena doesn't get beat up so qwikly like the animal dose cena didn't have more campions the batista did so here are your anserssteel cage:batistasubmision:john cena(cause of the stf)last man standing:batistanormal:john cenalader:cenaextream rules:batistaburied alive match:batistafirst blood:batistainferno:batistatables:cenahell in a cell:cena so chose who is beter and seriosly summerslam,unforgiven,no mery,one night stand are the best arenasbatista he broke jhon cena's neck thefirst time they wresled

goldberg and cena could pick up the big show when he weight 500 pounds. so that's a tough question.

at the last smackdown vs raw sit up/ push up contest john cena, (raw) did 112 push ups and 116 sit ups. he came second to batista (smackdown) who did 117 push ups and 119 sit ups

John Cena vs John Bradshaw Layfield - Wrestlemania 21 (2004) Singles match for the WWE Title. Same Night Batista won his First Ever title against Triple H. Want to know something more awesome. Cena and Batista were the final two people fighting at the Royal Rumble 2004 and both ended up winning the title at Wrestlemania.

no because he cant pick up big show like john cena

no, ezekial Jackson has picked him up once, it is very hard to pick up big show, he weighs 485 lbs

yes he did he tied batistas legs against the ring post and could not stand up after the count of 10

Almost 7 years. He first HHH's bodyguard. Then he was in Èvolution. In 2010 he quit wwe after being beaten up by John Cena

I have a feeling that it is Batista, because he quit to be new GM and cause he likes the Nexus and hates John Cena he got the Nexus to hurt John Cena and in one of his emails to Michel Cole he said "You are not versing Bret (The Hitman) Hart because i hate him and i don't want him to show up on WWE again!" and Batista hates Bret (The Hitman) Hart so yeah.

because John cena kisses Y Maria and Kelly Kelly gets mad in John cena

ummm. rey is strong he can reverse almost any move he is fast but but john cena i once seen him pick up the big show and another big man at the same time so rey cant do that its immpossible so johe cena

John Cena never quits. He is the never give up cenation commander.

No. Because John Cena is in WWE, and Zendaya is in Shake It Up which is in Chicago.

No i did not Yes, Cena has tapped out before, and the person above is not Cena

yes John Cena once picked up the Great Khalia in a match on RAW

On or and type in John Cena and several pictures will pop up.

well yes and no but john Cena can want to beat him up

its ovious its john cena he is really gonna beat up johhn cena

yes, john cena has picked up the big show and has given him the AA (additude adjustment)

John Cena drives a black mustang with two gold stripes going up it.

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