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The answer is yes, however this is not an easy task and you would probably be better off buying a GSM phone instead.

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Can LG phone which is CDMA cell phone can be converted to GSM cell phone?

In Short, no. A CDMA phone can not be converted to GSM. GSM Carriers require a SIM Card and CDMA phones do not have the ability to read them.

How can you differentiate gsm cell phone from CDMA cell phones?

Answer Easy! A GSM Phone uses a SIM card or else when you turn it on it will say "please insert SIM" A CDMA has no sim card!......... I have a CDMA phone and it has a SIM

What is the difference between CDMA cell phones and gsm cell phones Can you put the gsm sim card to the CDMA phon?

Okay the different for CDMA (es verizonwireless and sprint) and GSM (at&t) is that they work off of two different wavelengths. no, you can NOT put a GSM sim card into a CDMA phone because CDMA phones do not have places for sim cards. The only ones that do are Global phones, and for it to be a global phone it has to be able to work off of GSM and CDMA...

How do you convert a GSM phone to CDMA?

You cant, GSM and CDMA are different technologies, GSM uses a sim card and CDMA does not.

What use is CDMA in mobile?

CDMA is a type of network that cell phone company's use. There are to meager types of networks that are used CDMA and GSM. Cell phone are usally made to work on one or the other network. The Iphone is GSM and Verizons Dare is CDMA but some phone can work on both like the new Blackberry storm.

How to convert my CDMA phone to GSM?

This cannot be done unless you change the hardware itself. CDMA and GSM are two different technologies used by the carriers and it's a difference in the hardware that makes it not possible for you to convert a CDMA phone on GSM, or vice versa. i just bought a htc evo 4g and its a cdma phone.I am taking it along with me to Europe and i know it may not be used there,but a friend of mine told me it could be converted to gsm only if a space behind the phone can be created and also other features would be formated before i start using it.so i think cdma could be converted to gsm

Can you use your current cell phone with new provider?

If your phone is unlocked and it is a GSM phone then you can swap your sim card to another provider. If you live in Europe then most phones are GSM but if you live in North America it's more complicated as there are GSM and CDMA phones. CDMA phones do not have sim cards as the information is integrated into the chip. If your phone is CDMA then the answer is no. AT&T are GSM and Verizon are CDMA if that helps. But remember GSM phones must still be unlocked.

Can you put the CDMA sim card to the gsm phone?

CDMA doesn't have a sim card only gsm do.

What does wcdma and gsm mean on your cell phone?

a phone with these two facility can work in GSM with sim card and can work without sim card in cdma mode

What is the difference between unlocking a phone and flashing a phone?

Unlocking usually refers to a GSM network and flashing usually refers to CDMA networks. When you unlock a phone you can use it on any carrier that uses the same radio (GSM/CDMA), or if you have a world phone, either a GSM or CDMA. Flashing the phone just allows you to use one specific CDMA carrier.

Can you convert gsm phone to CDMA?

It depends if the phone is compatible with a gsm network if so it has to be unlocked

Do BB9B cell phone support 3G network?

no ,it only support gsm. not cdma not 3g network

Are CDMA cell phones better than GSM cell phones?

Right now the best coverage to have with your cell phone carrier is GSM. This service is used much more than CDMA and will give you a larger range. It all depends on what exactly you are looking for.

Can a GSM cell phone call a CDMA cell phone?

Yes. This would be like a customer from AT&T calling a customer from Sprint, Verizon, or US Cellular.

Can you unlock a phone that doesn't have a SIM card?

If it's a GSM phone, then yes, it can be unlocked, but if you have a CDMA phone, then it may not be possible. There is no unlocking solution yet for CDMA phones, only for GSM ones.

Can a Blackberry Pearl 8100 with an unlocked GSM sim card work on a Rogers plan?

There are two types of cell phone networks, GSM and CDMA. As long as the network you are trying to move your unlocked phone to is compatible then yes it will work. In most cases a GSM phone will not work on a CDMA network and vise versa, however, some careers (such as Verizon) have support signals for GSM phones. There is no support for CDMA phones on a GSM network at this time. So for overall versatility, GSM phones are better.

Is an iPhone a CDMA phone?

Yes, it is now. THe iPhone 4S is actually both GSM and CDMA.

Is nexus s phone CDMA?

The Nexus S came in both CDMA and GSM variants.

Can you keep your cell phone but switch companies?

That depends.If you are switching between a GSM and CDMA network, it will not be possible.If you are switching from a GSM to another GSM carrier, or from a CDMA to another CDMA carrier, it will be possible.For your convenience, here are a list of some carriers and the technologies they use:GSMAT&TT-MobileFidoRogersCDMAVerizon WirelessAlltelSprint (not Nextel)U.S. CellularBell MobilityTelus

Are there any phones that can be used with tracfone without sim cards?

There are two types of TracFones now, CDMA and GSM. This refers to the type of network used by the phone. And CDMA phone works only on CDMA networks, and same for GSM. GSM phones have SIM cards, CDMA do not (for the purpose of this discussion, anyway). I'm not clear on your reason for asking this question, but that's your answer. A CDMA phone does not have a SIM card. For more on CDMA vs. GSM Tracfones, check out this page: http://pbush14.wordpress.com/2008/03/16/tracfone-cdma-vs-gsm/ I should also clarify here that if your phone is a GSM phone, it MUST have a SIM card installed to operate. Also, to be used as a Tracfone, a phone must have the Tracfone software installed on it. This means that it must have been purchased as a "Tracfone" model. You can NOT bring a phone from a different service and use it as a Tracfone.

What is the difference between the Verizon cell phone vs at and t cell phone?

A Verizon cell phone is CDMA technology. AT&T is GSM technology. Plus each cell phone provider has their cell phones respond to their own towers by how the phones are flashed.

I have an unlockedsmart/pda cell phone, now can any of these companies activate for it on their set up plans, either prepaid or postpaid?

It depends on what type of phone it is, GSM, or CDMA. You can tell the difference between the two, fairly easily: GSM phones take a SIM card, while CDMA do not : If it's a GSM phone, AT&T would be a provider, as would T-Mobile. If it's CDMA, Verizon would be your best bet!

Are there CDMA cell phones in Mexico?

Yes. The Iusacel company uses CDMA; the rest use GSM.

What carrier is straight talk?

They run on GSM as well as CDMA depending on the phone you get FROM THEM... Or you can purchase a SIM card from Straight Talk to use in your unlocked GSM phone. Then you can purchase the $45 card from Straight Talk or Wal-Mart to use on your new converted phone.

Is the sprint cell phone compatible to A T and T cell phone?

No, Sprint uses CDMA technology and AT&T uses GSM technology. Plus, the phones are flashed to each carriers cell towers.

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