Can LimeWire work for PSP?


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Nope, Limewire needs java and PSP does not have it.


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it is possible but not probable. I heard about some people that can, but they don't live in America. you dont need limewire on psp because you can download the things you get from limewire to psp! psp is a personal limewire to!:-) cole

You can't, as LimeWire have been shutdown.

download selected songs to your computer, connect psp and copy the songs to ms0:/psp/MUSIC and they will be there on your psp's music selection.

i do it all the time 1) plug your usb cable into your psp, and click on usb connection on your psp. 2) go to start, then click on my computer. you will see a new drive, click on it. 3) then a file called my psp should be on it, click it. 4) make a file inside of the psp file called "music", dont exit. 5) go to limewire, find your song, and drag it to the file called "music" 6) it should now be there. I dont know if this will work for you, it does for me. i hope i helped.

When yu download videos from limewire they must be in .mp4 format (not all .mp4's will work due to high resolution) 1. Connect your PSP to your computer with a USB cable 2. Click "View Files" 3. Click "Videos" 4. Then just drag the .mp4 file into the folder.

not that i recommend but if desperate try limewire DO NOT TRY LIMEWIRE YOU WILL GET BUGS IN YOUR COMPUTER try

Yes,a psp 1000 charger will work with a psp 3000.All psp chagers work with any psp. Corey Bethea

yes, limewire does work for your iPod Touch. I have an iPod TOuch. well i like it @@@@

yes all psp games work for all kinds of psp even psp vita but psp vita games dont work on regular psp but still yes all games work for ur psp 1000

The PSP PlayGear will work well with older (PSP-1000) models, but won't work with the PSPGo

You need a USB cord then download limewire, blubster ,and frostwire and the drag the song to your music file for your psp and wait till its finish and there you go

There are no such things as 'PSP 1000' games, no PSP game is made for a specific model. Any PSP UMD will work in any PSP that has a UMD drive.

No, the PSP GO has no UMD slot.

I don't see why it wouldn't.

No. If you have psp 3000 it will but any other psp it will work.

no the psp go has not a regular psp ac adapter

There's no such thing as a PSP game that's model specific, they'll work on any PSP. However the PSP GO has no UMD drive, so of course, those won't work. Any PSP game available on the PSN though will work on both PSP 2000 and PSP GO.

no there are other type of files that the psp go uses but otherwise the games work perfectly

if you have psp online then it should works for ps3,psp,and psp go.

yes any psp charger fits into any psp

Yes, all PSP games are specifically developed for the PSP console so they will all work. The same cannot be said of PS Vita games, Vita games won't work on the PSP.

it would not work because your psp place where you plug it in is messed up or the PSP charger is not the right kind or the psp charger is broke and will not charge.

You must first install an application from the Limewire site in order to have downloads work on your PC.

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