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Absolutely - Linux is an alternative (though less-popular) operating system to Windows.

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Q: Can Linux be use in a personal computer?
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Related questions

What is the Linux usages?

The question is unclear. Assuming you are asking usages of linux, well people use it for personal computing. Most of the companies use linux for servers. A Linux based system is free for anyone to use. A linux system distribution can be used in the same way as windows. Almost any application for windows has an equivalent application available for linux that does the same job. Linux has word processing, picture, sound and video edotors as well as their file format converters. It can be used to play many games, play song, watch videos. Linux is available for almost any personal computer available and almost any other computer in use. Most commercial network routers and firewalls are based on linux.

What was the first operating system of early personal computer?


Linux can only be use on micro computer?

No. Linux also runs on mainframes.

Is a computer with Linux still a PC?

A PC is a Personal Computer, doesn't matter what the operating system is necessarily. Could be Linux, Windows, etc. The only distinguishing factor is the Mac.

What are three personal computer operating systems?

Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

What Windows and Linux use to identify each storage device on a computer?

Windows and Linux use device letters to identify each storage device on a computer.

Linux or widows which is better?

That's a matter for personal judgement, which may be based on many factors.

What handles file sharing on Linux?

If you want to share files with other linux computer use NFS. If you want to share files with windows computer use SAMBA.

What is Linux is it a example of a personal computer operating system?

Yes, Linux is like an operating system much like Windows OS or Mac OS. Linux is kind of like a community of Operating Systems. A popular OS from Linux is Ubuntu.

How can you use telnet in personal computer?

Windows: Open start menu, click "Run", type in "telnet" Linux: Open a Terminal window, type in "telnet"

What kind of operating system does a personal desktop use?

A desktop uses the same OS as any other computer, Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. Also, I'd recommend Mac OS X if you're getting a new computer. Here's the scoop: if the computer has an  on it, it runs Mac OS. If not, it runs Windows or Linux.

Can you change a Mac to a PC?

A PC is a Personal Computer. A Mac is a personal computer. A Mac is a PC. A Mac with an Intel processor can run the Windows operating system (or Linux or many others) if needed.

Do all PCs use Windows?

No, not all computers use Windows. Many computer use a variety of Operating Systems ranging from Chrome OS, Mac OS, and Linux. It all depends on personal preference and what you plan to do with your PC.

2 Os's written for personal computer that are not made by Microsoft?

Linux Ubuntu and Apple Mac OS

What is computer personal?

Perhaps you mean "personal computer". That refers to a computer that is for personal use - basically for one person. For example, the desktop or laptop that you use.

If you use Microsoft Office on a computer running Windows XP can you use the same software on a computer running Linux?

You can install and run Microsoft Office in Linux, yes. You will need to install it separately, however; you can't just run the programs off your Windowspartition in Linux.

What window and Linux use to identify each storage devide on computer?

Windows and Linux use a device letter to identify each storage device.

Is PHP better on Windows or Linux?

PHP with Linux is completely different, since everything is free (Linux, Apache, Mysql, FileZila, PHP, etc.). Linux is also way more stable for production use, since it's regularly updated (at least once a months, for certain distribution). Remember, the Internet runs on Linux, mostly CentOS and RedHat.However, windows is way more compatible with everyday applications. The best would be to have a development computer running Linux (buy an old, use computer, install Linux on it), and have an everyday Windows computer.

How the development of personal computer has extended the use of computer in todays world?

how the development of personal computer extended the use of computer in todays world

how to use the linux a friend of mine has computer the operating system is linux, please I though is easy I want to learn linux operating system please .I dont even know how to go to internet..please help me..?

use the begginers linux guide

What is best Linux distro for a Compaq 510?

This is not a particularly unique or old computer. Any modern Linux distribution can be run on it. The choice of "best" will come down to personal preference, not necessity.

Can Firefox be on the PS3?

The only way I know is to install a Linux OS on the PS3. Linux is like Windows or Mac, but is completely free. With Linux installed you can use your PS3 like a computer and also use firefox.

What experiences can use with personal computer?

im happy can use with personal computer because im happy

Can one use Linux on an apple Mac pc?

Absolutely. Linux will work fine on an Apple Mac PC. Linux can also be used for a selection of other computer brands.

Is Mac and PC a type of computer?

yes Macintosh, or Mac, is a computer made by Apple. "PC" stands for "personal computer", meaning it could be a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.