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Can MSN give you a virus?


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anything can give you a virus if you use it the wrong way


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No, msn is not any type of virus, on your computer it says that it may be a risk but its no harm. Just dont give out your msn email to strangers or anyone you dont really know :D

Yes Msn Plus is a horrible virus that causes your computer to break down and occasionally not respond. However it takes a while for this to happen but once this begins to happen you must uninstall Msn Plus immediately before the virus spreads around your computer and affects your saved data and internet connection.

The title is MSN Virus Remover. The latest version is 5.11 and it is free for download. It is designed to remove viruses that are commonly found on MSN but it has produced only mediocre results, according to reviews.

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The format of your question appears to be a statement. I am assuming that you have a virus on your machine you believe was caught from MSN messenger. First you need to know what sort or the name of the virus then remove it. This is a web address that will give you information about how to remove know MSN contractable viruses but you will need to know which one it is. Good luck. If this is not what you need sorry but the way the question was worded made it a bit confusing.

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MSN conservations will be private unless the people in that room will see your conversation, but if none of you in the room have a specific virus then yes your conversations are private.

No, it does not. Some people have had compatibility issues and such, but Roblox will not give you a virus.

these types of malware are called browser hijackers. go to and run the online virus and malware scan Lis@ No, it's not a virus, your msn uses secured site browsing and it uses that address to access pages over a secured connection, that only the MSN software can access.

no it don't give virus anymore

No, Zune will not give your computer a virus.

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In French, "Donne-moi ton adresse MSN" means "Give me your MSN email".

No, Habbo hotel will not give you a virus, it runs on flashwave which also doesnt give you a virus to play and it is an awesome free game but you have to download adobe flashwave which doesn't give you a virus!

No. browser don't tend to give you a virus

No it does never give a virus ive been playing for 2 months and no virus if you do get a virus then your computer or laptop is bad or it could be your virus protector...

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