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Yes sometimes it can and sometimes it can not.

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Who is to blame for Mount Vesuvius eruption?

Mother Nature.Mother Nature.Mother Nature.Mother Nature.Mother Nature.Mother Nature.Mother Nature.Mother Nature.Mother Nature.

Can sharks be tamed?

No I don't think so. I don't think people should try anyway. We shouldn't be messing around with mother nature ;)

Short paragraph on how man has tamed nature?

nature is a gift given by god

Does misty of chincoteague get tamed in the book?

Yes she does. She is tamed after Paul and Marleen buy her and her mother the Phantom.

Define Mother Nature?

Mother Nature is a female personification of nature that typically focuses on nurturing aspects of nature. Other names for Mother Nature are Mother Earth or Earth Mother.

What is Mother Nature in french?

Mère Nature Mère = Mother Nature = Nature

Can przewalski horses be tamed?

Because of their shy and wild nature it has not been done yet.

Slogan on Save Nature?

mother nature is important to us. love mother nature as you love your self

Why is Mother Nature evil?

Mother Nature, and evil are human constructs and have no value in science.

Mother nature is a she but who is she?

No she is not

What is the lyrics of the song Mother Nature needs us?

mother nature need us song

What actors and actresses appeared in Untitled Mother Nature Project - 2010?

The cast of Untitled Mother Nature Project - 2010 includes: Ellen DeGeneres as Mother Nature

What does Mother Nature a goddess fear the most?

Divine soul. As far as i know, everyone in the world fears Mother nature as we all are dependent on Mother, but Mother Nature Goddess fears nothing as she is not dependent on anybody.

Can dolphin be tamed?

can dolphins be tamed

Do they kill tamed or wild horses?

They kill the tamed, and a few wild but mostly tamed. The tamed horses are killed and made food, when their at their oldest age, but usually just tamed horses.

When was Jim warren Mother Nature painting draw?

1991 was the original Mother Nature by Jim Warren

Why do they call earth mother earth?

The reason why its called mother earth is from the quote 'Mother Nature' and nature is near enough the whole earth.

What could the woods symbolize?

The woods symbolize, nature. Very simple answer. The nature, mother nature, for it is what mother nature created. Rest In Peace.. sufferers of the Christchurch earthquake in 2011

What can't be tamed?

boys can't be tamed

How do you say Mother Nature in french?

"Mère Nature"

Is a girls period part of Mother Nature?

its part of nature

What is slogan of nature?

The slogan is "It is not nice to fool Mother Nature."

Does mother nature exist?


Who does the weather?

mother nature

What are some slogans campaigns about Mother Nature?

mother nature is important to us. love mother nature as you love your self "Ignore it, and it will go away" then an image of a globe with the words "Save the world" underneath.

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