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Per Islam religion, Muslim woman can marry only Muslim man. Muslim man can marry only Muslim, Christian, or Jewish woman.

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Can a Muslim marry a Christian woman?

Yes, a Muslim man can marry a Christian or a Jewish woman. However, they both should agree that their children will be raised up as Muslims; at least until they reach puberty and they can make their own choice per their own free will as what they want to believe in.Another AnswerA Muslim man can marry Christain women but, Muslim women cannot marry Christian man.The Bible forbids any Christian from marrying anyone who is not a Christian, in such verses as 2 Corinthians 6:14 "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? " The Bible also notes (truthfully) you will have much trouble in your marriage, especially if a Christian woman marries a Muslim man.

Are muslim men allowed to date christian women?

Yep. Even marry them. Doesn't work the other way around, though. Thinking is, since men are so much more than women in every way, a Muslim male will easily dominate his Christian girlfriend and eventually straighten her out and make a Muslim out of her. A male Christian, on the other hand, would likely cause his Muslim sweetie to apostasize, which would, of course, be horrible.

Can a Muslim girl marry a Christian boy if he changes into a Muslim?

Yes, a Muslim girl can marry a Christian man if he converts to Muslim. However, the man convert into Islam should be based on true and deliberate belief in Islam and Islam principles not converting to Islam only to make the marriage legible with the Muslim girl. See related question below for more information.

Can a Muslim marry a Non-Muslim Japanese person?

There are two type of marriage in Islam--permanent and temporary. For permanent marriage, a Muslim can only marry a Muslim. But for temporary marriage a Muslim man can marry a woman from people of Book (i.e. Christian or Jew).

Can a Muslim man marry a divorced christian woman?

Updated AnswerYes, a Muslim man can marry a divorced or virgin Christian or Jewish woman.-ELO-AnswerA Muslim can marry any Cristian, Jew or another Muslim, as long as they make them Muslim too.(I'm Muslim)

Should Muslim women make money?

Per religion, Muslim women are allowed to make money, to work, to participate in R&D projects, to have her properties, and all other life activities with no difference to men. In the time of prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and after his life, all these rights were guaranteed and practiced by women as well as men. The only difference is that woman in Islam is not obliged to share expenses with man after marriage. She can do so just voluntarily if she likes.

A christian Middle Eastern woman marrying a Muslim man does it make any difference if the girls Middle Eastern?

No, all that matters is that they get married according to Islamic laws, otherwise the marriage is void according to Islamic laws. There are no restrictions from the christian side.

Is Jaleel White a Muslim?

Yes, he is a Muslim. Hence the name Jaleel Ahmad White. "Ahmad" is a Muslim name.

Sew in Muslim marriage?

The questin does not make any sense. Let it be reframed clearly.

My boyfriend is Muslim and to marry him I am told I must convert but don't want to so what do I do?

This may depend on where you live, and how much each of you is willing to compromise. Muhammad prohibited Muslim women from marrying non-Muslim men, but countenanced Muslim men marrying non-muslim women. Nevertheless, in some Muslim countries you may have no choice. Remember that Barack Obama's father was Muslim, while his mother was Christian, so there is no absolute requirement for you to convert. Once again, it depends on where you live and how much you, your boyfriend and each family are willing to compromise.

Can a Muslim girl and a Muslim boy be togather before marriage?

It is haram (forbidden) for the Muslim girl and Muslim boy to be left alone in a room together, or car etc. It is also haram (forbidden) for the Muslim girl and Muslim boy to have sex, make out (as in kissing and touching each other sexually) before marriage. By doing this it is called zina (fornication).

How do you make marriage work between a christian woman and a Muslim man?

the woman should convert to a Muslim before marriage. Otherwise Islam does not allow for a Muslim to marry a non-Muslim. if they do marry there will be many problema : 1 the religion of the children 2 the conflicts of beliefs 3 the performance of obligations such as Zakat , namaz 4 the way of marrying either Muslim way or christian 5 the rules of having a sexual relationship etc... hope i answered ur question. Or maybe the man should convert to Christianity. Or maybe they should both agree to be agnostics. Note that anyone converting away from Islam risks death.

What is the Islamic method in marriage of first night by video?

In Islam man cannot have intercourse with a woman without marriage. When a Mulsim man wants to marry a Muslim woman or even from those of the book "Christian or Jew". He must first inform his family "out of respect and in seeking God's mercy" The will arrange to see the girl. If he liked her and she liked him, the two families will arrange for writing the marriage contract. they will go to the court or court rep. will visit them. He will record the consent of both the proom and the pride and their family. Her custodian's "father, brother, grandfater, uncle" consent is must to conclude her marriage. Conditions for Muslim man marriage: A Muslim male can marry a Muslim, Christian or Jew female. A Muslim woman cannot marry other than a Muslim. It is a must for a man wishing to marry a Muslim woman is to embrace Islam. The other main condition is the consent of the pride and proom to marray each other. Must annonce their marriage by a wedding party or similar so people will know them as husband and wife. But why a Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim while a Muslim can marry a christian or a jew "people of the book" not a pudist or similar. In Islam children follow their father in religion. If the father is a Muslim they are born as such this is one reason. The other reason is the respect of their religions. A muslim man respects christianity and judism as celestial religions and thereafter will allow his christian or Jew wife to practice her religion because as Muslims we believe all previous prophets and messengers of Allah from Adam to Jesus while Christians and Jews do not believe in Islam or in prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. This will make their life misearable.

Can a Muslim man marry a non-Muslim woman?

Yes, but it is customary for the Muslim man to make sure that his fiancee is a woman of Abrahamic faith (Islamic, Christian or Jewish).

If you are a Christian boy who loves a Muslim girl and want to marry her should you marry her in a religious or civil marriage?

Remember that, if you are a church-going Christian, your own church will be upset if you marry in an Islamic ceremony, while your fiancee's religious leaders will be upset if you marry in a church. In either case, there will be pressure for one of you to convert, or at least to make commitments as to the religious upbringing of your children. Also, very few imams in the world would be prepared to officiate a marriage between a Christian boy and a Muslim girl, so you probably will not even have that opportunity.A civil marriage is neutral to religion. It would also allow you both to retain your religious beliefs and to delay a decision as to the religious upbringing of your children until you are ready to make that decision.

How can a Christian man marry a Muslim woman without either converting?

Answer 1God was before the Quran and the Bible were even written, the love of a man and woman was before the Bible or Quran was written, it has been said you can not direct the course of love, for love will always find a way, I think God does not care how some so call theologians interpret the Bible or the Quran, just look at all the holy wars and political struggles these people of the book try to pin on God, if two people fall in love and commit their lives to each other and to God don.t you think God will bless them and take care of them in spite of religious bias. Answer 2While the above attitude seems logical and utopian, it is not the truth from an Islamic point of view. If a Muslim woman marries a Christian, Jew or any non-Muslim, she will be extolled and at least verbally attacked by any Muslim that knows this and counseled to divorce him. It is not permitted for a Muslim Woman to marry a non-Muslim although this does happen as we are human and love crosses all boundaries. The Quran specifically says: A- for no Muslim to marry a polytheist.Then B-the Quran makes a specific exception to this rule for only male Muslims.This is explained in C. as the gender of the term to identify a female Christian only.A.Sura Al Baqarah/2:221 "And do not marry the polytheist women until they believe. A believing slave woman is better that a polytheist woman, even though the latter may please you. And do not marry your womenfolk to disbelieving men until they believe. A believing slave is better that a polytheist even though the latter may please you . .B.in Sura Al Ma'ida (5:6) grants a concession: "This day all innately good things are lawful for you…Lawful to you are the chaste women from among those who have been given the Book before you. . . ." (i.e. Jews and Christians).C.The law specifically mentions muhsanaat -- chaste females (from the People of the Book); it did not say muhsaneen -- chaste males.Answer 3Per religion, not allowed for a Muslim woman to get married with a Christian or other non-Muslim man. Answer 4Per Islam teachings and Qur'an rules, a Muslim woman can marry only a Muslim man while a Muslim man can marry a Muslim, a Christian, or a Jewish woman. The only licit way for a Christian man to marry a Muslim woman is to convert to Islam religion but not for marriage only but he should be convinced in Islam religion and its fundamentals. Refer to related questions below for more information.

In what way did Muhammad's marriage contribute to his success as a religious leader?

in Arabs tribes when there is a marriage between two tribe they became united and there will be no war between them anymore. Muhammad (PBUH) had marriage from different tribes to make them united and make a united Muslim community.

Why are muslim girls not allowed to like boys?

Who said so! They are just not allowed to have sex before marriage! _______________________________________________________________ Muslim girls are allowed to know boys, to talk to them, and to like them. However, they are not allowed to make any body contact with boys without licit declared marriage. Any kind of oral or intercourse sex between a Muslim girl and any boy (Muslim or none Muslim) is not allowed outside licit marriage. It is the same in other God religions (Judaism and Christianity although not followed.

Why it is necessary for a non-Muslim man to convert into Muslim before marry a Muslim woman?

Well, see that while it may be advisable, it is really only 'necessary' from others' point of view; there is nothing stopping you getting married anyway, but her standing in the Muslim community would most likely suffer, depending upon how strongly she identifies with that community--which, by extrapolation here, is strongly enough. It might be most advisable for the two of you to first explore how mutually compatible your committment to a spiritual path is in general, which might make your decision easier. In Islam, religion is considered to be inherited, not chosen per se, and religion is inherited from the father. As a result, if a Non-Muslim man and a Muslim woman have children, those children would not be Muslims. As a result, Muslim women usually request that the Non-Muslim man convert to Islam prior to marriage so that all of the children will be Muslims. Conversely, a Muslim man can marry Christian and Jewish women since the Islam will pass regardless of the Non-Muslim mother.

What religions make up UK?

Hindu Christian Protestant Sikh Muslim and Ovcourse there are subcultures like chavs.

Is Shahid Afridi's wife a Christian?

No she isn't. She is Afridi's maternal cousin which would make her a Muslim too. Her name is Nadia

Are muslim girls allowed to make any body contact with boys?

No, Muslim girls are not allowed to make any body contact with boys without licit declared marriage. Any kind of oral or intercourse sex between a Muslim girl and any boy (Muslim or none Muslim) is not allowed outside licit marriage. It is the same in other God religions (Judaism and Christianity) although not followed. It should be noted that Islam does permit non-sexual contact between people of the opposite genders such as handshaking, sports, casual tapping, etc.

Is it bad for muslim girls to wear makeup?

no i've seen lots of muslim girls wear make up But if you have Perfume then thats Haram its Haram for Women to put on Perfume

Is Katrina Kaif Christian?

Katrina is a human being. Whether she is a chritstian, hindu or muslim does not matter and make her different from any community.

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