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Can Nintendo DS games be used in a wii?


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no you can only use Nintendo games on Nintendo ds/Nintendo ds lite.

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No, the Wii cannot play Nintendo DS games.

You can't play Nintendo DS games on the Wii. It only works with GameCube games

Nintendo DS games are not supported and cannot be played on the Wii U.

You cannot play Nintendo DS games on the Wii. You can only play Wii games, Game Cube games, and other games that can be downloaded online on the Wii.

No. Nintendo DS games can be played on the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS only. Although, Nintendo GameCube games can be played on the Nintendo Wii.But you can't play Luigi's Mansion on the Wiiit's spelled wii and i think you can. plus you can play animal crossing wild world character what you made on ds to animal crossing to the city !I think its spelt wii aswell.

no you can only play games for the ds and gamy boy advance on the ds and only wii games on the wii.

It can be used for a Nintendo ds lite, Nintendo ds i, Nintendo ds i XL and wii..................

no you can not as the Nintendo ds games are too small to go in to the wii they should design something so you can do that though !!

No you can't play DS games on a Wii but you can connect a DS to a Wii. For example, Animal Crossing Wild World (DS) can connect to Animal Crossing City Folks (Wii) transferring characters.

You cannot play Wii games on any Nintendo DS system.

No, the Wii U cannot play Nintendo DS games

No it is IMPOSSIBLE to play DS games on the Wii but you can play Nintendo Gamecube games with the Gamecube controller

The NDS can link with the Wii but it is very limited. There are extremely few games that allow the DS to play with the Nintendo Wii. The NDS can also link to the Wii to download DS play games but that is about it. Basically, when the Wii sends out the DS demo, turn on the DS and go to DS Download Play in order to connect and to download the demo.

No, the Nintendo wii is unable to support Nintendo ds games because of the lack of a ds game slot and the dual touch screens, making it hard to display on a tv. However the wii can play gamecube games, and ds demos can be downloaded off the Nintendo channel.

Nintendo wii: because it used motion sensing controlers to play the games. Nintendo ds: because its one of the first dedicated touch screen gaming consoles.

I you mean "Can you connect the Nintendo DS to the Wii?" then , yes, but only in certain games.

The Nintendo DS console cannot run Wii software.

Some Wii games are able to connect eith the DS eg. Pokemon Battle Revolution, Geometry Wars: Galaxies

no...but you can send demos from your wii to your ds

You can't play demos of Wii games, but you can play demos of DS games if you have a DS. They can be downloaded from the Nintendo channel.

Nintendo makes the Wii and DS. No offence, but it does say on the product and packaging box Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

You cant play the DS on your Wii, but a lot of the games you can play on your DS, you can play on the Wii, like American idol, guitar hero, cooking mama, carnival games, and much more you can play on both. but however you cant play you actual ds on your wii. Also, many ds games are available as Wii Ware.

Not any more you can't. In May 2014, Nintendo WFC was shut down. This is what regular DS and Wii games used to go online. Without this, you can no longer go online with Wii games.

You cannot put the Nintendo DS game card in your Wii. The only way to play the game that you got for your DS on your Wii is to buy another copy of the game that is compatible with the Wii. Yes you can because on the wii settings its got nintendo game slot-A

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