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Can Nintendo ds light games be played in a dsi console?


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There is no such thing as a DS lite game. There are just DS games, which are for all DS consoles.

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No, because the Nintendo Wii supports only Nintendo wii discs. That is because of the light sensors within the console that reads the discs, and only the microchips inside the wii discs can be read on that console.

The orange light means the console is being charged.

No. They are different gaming consoles from rival companies.

Yes you can, the DS Lite has some of its own games that you can only play on the DS Lite and DSi also the DSi has some games that can only be played on the DSi.

The first shooter game that Nintendo invented was the Kousenjuu series of light gun games. The light gun was used a controller for arcade and video games.

The yellow light is the WiFi signal, the orange is the console Charging and the blue/red light is how much battery is being used

Nintendo DS Light game consoles can easily be found at any electronics store, such as Best Buy or Radio Shack. As well, they can be found at Walmart, Target and Toys R Us. Many online stores such as Amazon also sell Nintendo products.

no, you can't download game to a Nintendo DS lite, it only works with a Nintendo DSi or a DSi XL

Nintendo Dsi if you do not have alot of gba games because your prob trading in your ds lite if you have a gba or ds and ds lite i recommend dsi

No, Nintendo is just the oldest home console developers. Sony are older, but they started making consoles after Nintendo so they don't count. Nintendo is the oldest video game company. Nintendo was founded in 1889 and Sony was founded in 1946. Sega was founded in 1940 as Standard Games which would make it older than Sony also. Nintendo has also been in the video gaming business longer than any current company. They started in the video gaming business in 1973 when they released the the light gun arcade game Laser Clay Shooting System. In 1974 Nintendo secured the rights to distribute the Magnavox Odyssey game console (which was the first home video game console) in Japan. In 1977 Nintendo created it's first home console which was called the Color TV Game 6. It was never released outside of Japan. In 1980 they released their first handheld console the Game & Watch. It was a series of 60 different handheld video game units released between 1980 and 1991. The first one released in 1980 was simply named Ball. It was a game where you juggled balls in the air for as long as you could without dropping any.

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Check engine light and an improper reading in the overhead console.Check engine light and an improper reading in the overhead console.

When a console light flashes on a Mitsubishi?æand the light continues to flash that may mean a sensor needs to be replaced. A certified mechanic can have it replaced.

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aah so many things! To start with you must choose whether you want a portable console. If yes then the choice is really a psp or Nintendo ds. If you like fun light-hearted games go for the ds but for more serious games go for the psp. If no then you must choose between an wii xbox 360 and a ps3. A ps3 has free online and has better graphics and more stable gameplay but is more expensive. The wii is the console for light-hearted games The xbox 360 is much better for socializing with other xbox 360 users but it charges for all online services; $ 30.00 to 50.00 a year!

Yes of course. No need to unplug the Kinect from your console or anything. When playing games without Kinect supporting, the red light next to the green light on the sensor will be off. When playing a Kinect game or a supporter like Netflix, the red light will be on.

Nintendo ds, ds light, dsi, dsi XL and the 3ds

You can play any normal Nintendo DS games on a DS Lite but they do not make separate games for the DS Lite. The DS Lite can also play any Game Boy Advance (not colour or original) game but the game protrudes from the DS Lite which makes it look slightly stupid.

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