Can Nintendogs make puppies

Updated: 8/17/2019
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no. they can't even grow up

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Q: Can Nintendogs make puppies
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Can Nintendogs breed and make puppies?

yes,nintendogs can make puppies

Can you make puppies on Nintendogs?


Can you feed Nintendogs water to make them breed?

No, Nintendogs can never breed or have puppies.

Can you and a friend both have a puppy with each others dogs on Nintendogs?

No. There is no way to make puppies on Nintendogs.

What types of Nintendogs can have puppies?

None, all Nintendogs cannot have puppies.

How long does it take for Nintendogs to have puppies?

Nintendogs can't breed or have puppies.

Can dog make new born puppies in nintendogs?

no....I wish

Are you able to have puppies on Nintendogs and how long will it take if you can?

appearently you cant have puppies on nintendogs

Whats the easiest way to have puppies on Nintendogs?

You cant have puppies on nintendogs the dogs stay puppies and never die.

Make puppies on Nintendogs?

No, you can't make puppies in Nintendogs. You have to buy puppies from the kennel. yes you can, you get a female dog and male dog of the same breed. Then you put a rose on the female dog and a lucky collar on the male dog. After that you play the nintendogs theme. Make sure you make your nintendogs really happy and well fed first. then save and turn it on, the next morning you should have one puppy. Try it, it worked for me and my friends!!

Can your Nintendogs have puppies?


On Nintendogs can they have puppies?