What types of Nintendogs can have puppies?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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None, all Nintendogs cannot have puppies.

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Q: What types of Nintendogs can have puppies?
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How long does it take for Nintendogs to have puppies?

Nintendogs can't breed or have puppies.

Are you able to have puppies on Nintendogs and how long will it take if you can?

appearently you cant have puppies on nintendogs

Whats the easiest way to have puppies on Nintendogs?

You cant have puppies on nintendogs the dogs stay puppies and never die.

Can your Nintendogs have puppies?


On Nintendogs can they have puppies?


Can Nintendogs breed and make puppies?

yes,nintendogs can make puppies

What types of breeds on Nintendogs can you breed?

Well.. You can breed almost all of them but sadley nintendogs are puppies so they can't have puppys but there is a code for you to size them! (check google ;)

On Nintendogs is it true only shiba inus can have puppies?

no that is not true all nintendogs in any breed can have puppies

How old does your Nintendogs puppy have to be?

Nintendogs puppies don't have age

Can you make puppies on Nintendogs?


Does your Nintendogs need to be older to have puppies?

as far as i know, you cant have puppies in nintendogs. If you want to do that, get the game Petz Dogz

Why can't Nintendogs have puppies?

Nintendogs never become older than puppies they always remain puppies,that's why. It is so unfortunate though!!! It would be so cute! _ ______________________ no nintendogs could have puppies you just need male and female of the same species and get them to lie on top of each other and save quickly FROM TREHUGGER556 THEY ARENT PUPPIES THEY DONT LOOK LIKE THEM DUH NINTENDOGS NOT NINTENPUPPIES. BOXER DOGS ARENT PUPPIES POODLE LAB GOLDEN ... ARENT PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! treehugger is right they can have puppies ill prove it go to youtube then search nintendogs cheats how to get puppies then it will have two or three videos of nintendogs that got puppies :D Joy202