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yes they can be separated because by nature, red eared sliders are solitary creatures.


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once a year ever breeding season if they find a mate

Fresh water, with a strong filter. Change water once every month.

Once the babies hatch - nothing ! They take no active part in the lives of their off-spring once they've hatched !

aquatic plants, fruit and insects.,red ear sliders eat fish but you half to make sure the fish are small you don't want them to big i have turtles of my own'Red eared sliders eat plants and animals. Young red eared sliders eat more protein like waxworms, earthworms, fish, shrimp and if you have pets you can feed them turtle pellets sometimes. The older they get, the more they like plants and vegetables like collard greens and kale. My big red eared slider once ate a mouse!

Sure, if they wanted to; which I doubt. It wont hurt them but is not part of their normal diet. Do not feed more than once a week.

Once a decade usually or even a century! Just joking! They lay unfertilized eggs about 10 times in 2 years

i usually feed my turtles fresh fruits and veggies once a week They're ok once in a while, but they're high in oxalic acid (along with kale and spinach), which inhibits calcium usage, so don't offer them too often.

If you mean swimming up to the glass and frantically trying to swim to you, he's trying to get you to give him food. It's too easy to give into his/her begging, but overfeeding it can lead to health problems. Small red eared sliders should be fed once a day and adults should be fed every other day.

No, a mixture of powdered juice and water can not be separated by filtration. Once the powdered juice and water are mixed together they become one and can be filtered out.

Heat the mixture, which will make the water evaporate, leaving behind the salt.

These types of teams are put together to complete a task or project and once the task has been accomplished then the team is separated.

Because dyes that were once combined together in a homogeneous mixture were simple separated, without and chemical reactions.

Floppy eared rabbits eat the same as any other rabbit would. Fresh hay (replaced once a week), grass once a day, a pellet mix and fresh water (replaced once a day).

Most reptiles sleep about 75% of the day, but not all at once. They will sleep a few hour here and a few hours there. A turtle such as a red ear slider, can either sleep underwater or on land. My turtle will normally sleep when I have the light of and when they are basking throughout the day.

A sample of water can be separated into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis, that is by using electricity. Once separated into these two components the two gases can be ignited together to form water again, completing the cycle.

There are two main pieces of evidence: Animal and plant species are present on separated continents. The continents fit together like a puzzle.

bad website Once I had removed the book from the shelf I found it was very old and very dog-eared through much handling.

they were only separated in the camps, as before then it was easier to manage them whilst keeping them together, but once in the camps it was easier to manage them apart.

All mixtures can be separated easily, chemical reactions cannot.

Scientist say that all the continents were once joined but however when the plate tectonics moved upward and downward they separated, and that's why they are supposedly not joined any longer.

No. They need not be colored in order to be separated. If they are colored, it makes them easier to see once they are separated, but even if not colored, you can visualize the separated compounds by other means.

yes 2 red eared slider turtles can live in the same tank together- I have 2 red eared sliders of my own. If you have 2 or more they must be the same size or else the smaller one will be killed or bullied. Mine are about 7 years old, one male and one female. Once turtles reach the age of 5 they are able to mate. While they are still young they will not fight but once they are able to mate if the female does not want to mate with the male she will fight him off. I am trying to get a new home for my male turtle because he is constannly biting her, making her breathe and has become pretty aggressive. I would not recommend putting 2 turtles in the same tank. Perhaps if it is 2 females they might get along, but I am not 100% sure because I have only raised one male and one female together. When the turtles are not fighting they seem to get along and really care for one another but recently their fighting has overpowered their friendship and I believe the best thing we can do for them is to give one away to a good home.

Handling a slider should always be done by an adult and NEVER by a child. Also, sliders naturally carry slamonella, so always wash your hands after handling them. i also use hand sanitizer! Always handle your slider like a hamburger. hold it just like on. here are some other slider tips!!!!! The rule of thumb for sliders is one turtle for every ten gallons of water. Temperature should not exceed 78 degrees! Remember, at the pet store, they dont even use heaters! Red Eared Sliders' main diet should really only consist of floating sticks. I recommend Reptomin to everyone. It is perfectly nutritionally balanced. Redworms for baby turtle is okay. But not when it is a little older. It's mouth is still small enough that redworms are still appropriate, but not later on. Other worms such as waxworms and mealworms are very high in fat and should only be given as treats, and only occasionally. But baby turtles (up to four inches in diameter) should ALWAYS be fed at least once a day and NOT more than twice. If you overfeed your slider, it will begin to show signs of being overweight. You will see excessive bulging sticking out from its shell, which causes pressure on its internal organs! If you see signs of on overweight slider, cut your feeding down to only once a day. Despite what you've read, sliders should always be fed at least once a day, not every other day or longer. My sliders live indoors in pond liners made of black resin that can be purchased at Wal-Mart or Home Depot for extremely reasonable prices. Approximately $29.99 for a 60 gallon pond! Remember, Red Eared Sliders can grow a shell of up to 12 inches in diameter, (About the size of a dinner plate!) and can live for about 35 years. Clean water, good diet, and they will out live you!

I have two red-eared sliders, and a yellow-bellied slider. I feed them once a day, everyday. I feed them all at the same time--in the morning. It is usually between 6-7am during the school year, or 9-12am over summer break. I use turtle food bought from Pet Smart. In it is mini sticks (scientist made stuff,) mini shrimp, and baby krill. My turtles eat a lot for their size(1inch in diameter)--about 15-20 pieces.

The problem is not with the creatures, it is with your idea. Don't put crawfish and fish together. And feed your crawfish please. kill the craw dad.

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