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My son has been on Stattera for a few years, and for a while he had bad chest pains. We went to the hospital emergency room one night, but left because the pain had subsited. Our doctor suggested that we try treating him for heart burn, since all the test came backk ok. We even went to a heart doctor. We have been treating him with over-the-counter heartburn medicine, and when the pains come, he drinks a sode and burps, and this helps. Good luck.

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โˆ™ 2006-09-07 13:36:48
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Q: Can Strattera cause heart murmurs and chest pain?
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Can Strattera cause rapid heart beat and chest pains?

Strattera has caused rapid heart rate in some patients.

Do heart murmurs cause fatigue?

A heart murmur can be indicative of an abnormality with one of the heart valves, which can indeed cause fatigue.

Does Strattera cause elevated heart rate?


What can cause innocent heart murmurs?

caused by blood flowing through the chambers and valves of the heart or the blood vessels near the heart. Sometimes anxiety, stress, fever, anemia, overactive thyroid, and pregnancy will cause innocent murmurs

You are aged 25 suffering from right hypochondriac pain constantly shortness of breath chest pain fatigue when you were 22 a doctor said that he had heard murmurs in your heart?

Heart murmurs mean that some of your blood is going from your right ventricle to your left ventricle without going through your lungs. That could cause a person not to get enough oxygen, which could cause shortness of breath, which could cause fatigue. Did the doctor that heard the heart murmurs make any suggestions such as see a cardiologist? If he did, why didn't you follow up on his suggestions?

Where online can I find information about heart murmurs?

There are many websites online that have information on heart murmurs. WebMD is one website that has information on heart murmurs as well as symptoms.

What incomplete closing of a heart valve cause heart murmurs?

Incomplete closint of any one of the 4 valves may cause a murmur

What is the prognosis for heart murmurs?

Most children with innocent heart murmurs grow out of them by the time they reach adulthood. Severe causes of heart murmurs may progress to severe symptoms and death

Murmur in a sentence?

Some people have a heart condition called a heart murmur. Heart murmurs are irregular heartbeats. Most people grow out of heart murmurs.

Can heart murmurs be fatal?

In themselves no, heart murmurs however can point to something more serious which can potentially be fatal. Most heart murmurs are innocent do not indicate anything wrong, however some cause the heart to work harder then normal or can point to a serious problem. Each case is unique and should be looked at by a physician to determine the best course of action.

What are diastolic murmurs?

Those which occur during relaxation of the heart between beats are called diastolic murmurs. Those which occur during contraction of the heart muscle are called systolic murmurs

What are pathologic heart murmurs?

Pathologic heart murmurs may indicate the presence of a serious heart defect. They are louder, continual, and may be accompanied by a click or gallop

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