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7.5 x 55 is the ONLY ammunition to be used in the K-31.

The Swiss designation for it is 7,5mm Gewehrpatrone 11 (7,5mm GP11)

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Can rifled slugs be fired through rifled barrel?

Not safely

Can a 38 short Colt be fired safely in a 38 special?

Not recommended

Can M193 ball and M196 tracer be safely fired in the M4 Carbine?


Can 7.65 rifle cartridge and and 308 be fired from the same rifle?

If you are talking about the 7.62x51 and the .308 Winchester then yes they can safely be interchanged

Can 5.56 ammunition be fired in a 223 rifle?

.223 Remington ammunition can be fired safely in a 5.56x45 rifle; 5.56x45 ammunition cannot be safely fired in a .223 rifle. In the case of some partially imported rifles, they are marked .223 Remington in spite of having 5.56 chambers. This is done for compliance with BATFE laws regarding importation of certain firearms types. If in doubt about the compatibility, call the manufacturer - they're the ones who would know best.

What is the difference in 45 acp and 45 gap?

.45 gap is a shorter cartridge and can only be safely fired from a gun chambered for that specific cartridge.

Can a 7.62x63mm round be safely fired from a 30-06 rifle?

7.62x63mm is the metric designation for the U.S. .30-06 round. -J.R. Shirley

Question is can 22 long be fired in Marlin M 57 22 magum?

Don't know about the Marlin M specifically but a general rule is that 22 lr will and can be safely fired out of 22 magnum caliber weapons. Much like .38special will fire out of .357 magnum.

Can you use 25-35 ammo in a 25-36M gun?

The winchester 25-35 Cartridge CAN be safely fired in a 25-36 Marlin caliber firearm. They are similar cartridges, the Marlin is a bit longer. For that reason the Marlin ammo cannot be fired in the Winchester.

Is the taurus 357 magnum waterproof?

Well, most guns are waterproof in one sense of the word- they do not dissolve in water. Can it be FIRED underwater? Yes- but whether it can be SAFELY fired underwater is another matter. Guns that are fired underwater are subjected to pressures that they were not designed for, and the bullets go only a short distance. If a gun has been submerged under water, it should be drained, dried, and lubricated.

Can a 9mm Luger shell be fired safely from a 357mag gun?

You are highly unlikely to even get it to chamber because 9mm is a rimless pistol round and there is no rim to keep it from sliding straight out of the cylinder.

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Can you shoot 38 colt ammunition in 38 special guns?

The .38 Short Colt catridge may be safely fired in a .38 Special revolver. Not ALL 38 Colts- .38 Short Colt.

Can a 30-06 cartridge be fired from a 7mm magnum rifle safely?

NO, doubt it would even seat completely in. The base of the 7mm magnum (case before neck) is longer then a 30-06.

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