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There are different types of taxes. They are local, state, and federal. The federal taxes are income tax that is taken monthly from pay checks and in the form of social security. On top of federal is state taxes. Some states don't have a state tax while others to. States also collect taxes on sales and winning things like lotteries. State taxes are also collected at the gas pump for highway funds. Local taxes can vary between cities and regions and usually come in the form of sales taxes. Property tax is also collected by cities. These too can vary depending on the value of the property.

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Q: Can Taxes imposed by the Congress can be set at different rates from state to state?
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Where could we find out about estate tax rates?

Estate or death taxes vary from state to state and country to country. In the US there is a tax imposed on the transfer of the taxable estate of a deceased person.

How do commercial mortgage interest rates compare to those for residential mortgages?

Commercial mortgages interest rates are different from residential mortgages, commercial mortgages are taxed a little different and these taxes affect the interest rates to increase.

How much is 280.00 plus taxes?

That depends on the rate of tax, and that can be different in different places. There can even be different tax rates on different items that you buy in the same store.

Schedular system of taxation in the Philippines?

A schedular tax system disaggregates income into components such as labor income, dividends and royalties and then separately applies tax rates and exemptions. separate graduated rates are imposed on different types of income

What is the best rate that American Express offers?

Rates vary based on credit score and type of loan (credit card, line of credit, etc.) Introductory rates may be different than later rates imposed. An average rate may be around 13 percent.

How much taxes does a farmer pay?

There is no simple answer to that. Every farmer would be different as their income would be different. It will also depend on the local rates of taxation and other regulations where they live.

Is rates and taxes debit or credit?

It is debit on your accounts

How much do a millionaire pay in taxes?

That will depend on their income. Every millionaire would be different as their income would be different. It will also depend on the local rates of taxation and other regulations where they live.

Do you have to pay taxes on stocks that you bought?

NO -- you will probably have to pay taxes on any income they generate, different types of income are taxed a different rates. If you sell the stock for a profit you will owe some tax, the rate depends on how long you held the investment and your marginal tax rate.

Did congress require railroads to charge reasonable and just rates?

how did congress limited reasonable charges

What are income tax rates?

Tax rates are the percentages used to calculate the amounts that you will need to pay to the government to which you owe taxes.With the United States federal taxes, there are several rates that require you to calculate your taxes. The rates in the U.S. are made in a progressive fashion, which means the more income you have, the higher tax rates you will have to pay.

How high are Ireland taxes?

Ireland has different rates of tax, and different kinds of tax. The two main rates for employment, for the tax year 2012, are 20% for earnings up to €32,800 and 41% after that. See the website below for information on all sorts of tax information in Ireland.