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Q: Can Termites cause naphthalene poisoning
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Do termites harm cats i dont know if my cat ate any would that harm them?

As a defensive mechanism termites produce naphthalene the same chemical that moth balls are made of. If your home is infested with termites the people and animals living there are in danger of Naphthalene poisoning which can prove fatal. If your cat ate a few termites there is no significant danger, anteaters, pagoline, and aardvarks make a living feeding off of termites.

Is the naphthalene that termites give off harmful to humans?

in extreme exposure or long term inhalation it can cause internal bleeding and liver failure resulting in death

Can pine straw cause termites?

No. Only termites can cause termites.

Does inhalation of naphthalene balls cause any danger?

Most certainly, inhalation of naphthalene is dangerous!

Can wine cause food poisoning?

No. It can however cause alcohol poisoning.

Why does organophosphate poisoning cause muscular paralysis?

Why does oranophosphate poisoning cause muscular paralysis? Why does oranophosphate poisoning cause muscular paralysis?

Why can termites digest wood?

Cause they are termites and that is what they do! Also, cause they can. Peace Fredthechicken, Califorina, 23 years old

What fungi cause food poisoning?

Mucor,Penicillium,Aspergillus can cause food poisoning

do wood termites cause health issues in my home and to my family?

Wood termites themselves will not cause health issues to you, or any members of your family such as your children. However, be careful of the chemicals used when killing the termites. These are what typically cause harm.

Why termites are harmful?

Because they can cause DENGUE.

Is Naphthalene harmful to plants?

Yes ,it is . As we all know that naphthalene is a subliming substance so it when changes to gaseous state it mixes with air and cause harm to the plants.

Can lead cause chemical poisoning?

It can cause poisoning that leads to learning disabilities and behavioral problems in children.

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