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can theocracy co-exist with demorcracy

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Q: Can Theocracy can co exist with democracy?
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Can a theocracy coexist with a democracy?

can theocracy co-exist with demorcracy

Why can't theocracy be democracy?

You can't vote for a god, as they don't exist.

Can theocracy co-exist with monarchy?

Yes, if the monarchy follows the laws of the theorcracy.

How can a democracy coexist with a theocracy?


Is Israel a theocracy?

No, Israel is a democracy.

Can theocracy co exist with democracy?

No.This is a fundamental issue. In a theocracy, what is proper law or improper law is determined by those who can interpret the will of the divinities. This can either be a god-king or a cadre of priests or holy men. The god-kings are the result of a hereditary line and the priests are the result of a narrow and decades-long self-selection process. Both of these are thoroughly undemocratic as they do not express the will of the people, but the will of these minorities or of the gods they supposedly represent.There are countries like Iran that claim to have a mix of theocratic elements and democratic elements, but in reality, the democratic elements are more for show and lack actual force.

What is the difference between Theocracy and Democracy?

A theocracy is ruled by priest and religion. Democracy invest the supreme power in the citizens in the community

What type of Government turn in success Theocracy Democracy Aristocracy or Monarchy?

Theocracy..! That's it!

Do Ireland havae theocracy?

No. Ireland is a democracy.

What are the similarities of democracy and theocracy?

No real similarity. A democracy is represented by the people through the use of votes. A theocracy is run by the church leaders who tell the people what to do.

Is Iran a republic or democracy or monarchy?

theocracy noob

Why can a theocracy never be a democracy?

A theocracy is run by a ruling elite of a single religion. One modern day example is Iran. It is impossible to have a true democracy in a theocracy because the people are not allowed to vote someone into office from a different religion.