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Theocracy..! That's it!

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Q: What type of Government turn in success Theocracy Democracy Aristocracy or Monarchy?
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What makes political different from democracy?

Some other types of political ideology are; Dictatorship Monarchy Communism Fascism Theocracy Aristocracy

What kinds of government did the greek city states have?

Direct Democracy, Representative Democracy, Monarchy, Dictatorship, Theocracy, Oligarchy, Anarchy and Tyranny. These are the forms of government that all Greek city-states had.

What ideas of government were introduced by hobbes in leviathan?

Hobbes presented three types of government monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy. He argued that monarchy was the best.

What is rule of the people?

This is called government and there are may differing types of government including:- Monarchy Dictatorship Theocracy Oligarchy Totalitarian communism Democracy

What are 5 types of government?

Direct Democracy, Representative Democracy (Republic), Totalitarian Dictatorship, Monarchy, and a Theocracy (religious and political leader is the same person).

What type of government did the ancient Greeks introduce into the world?

Monarchy Tyranny Aristocracy Oligarchy Democracy Ochlocracy

Is Iran a republic or democracy or monarchy?

theocracy noob

How did the various forms of government differ in ancient Greece?

Democracy monarchy aristocracy

Ten types of government?

There are only 3 types of governments in the United States of America. Thus being: state government, tribal government, and federal government. The federal government has 3 branches under its government. Which is Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch. But, all of those branches are still under the federal government. Thus being said 4 governments in America is clearly false.

How Aristotle categorized governments?

He postulated three - Monarchy, Aristocracy and Democracy. He said that each degraded - Monarchy to Tyranny, Aristocracy to Oligarchy, and Democracy to Ochlocracy.

What is Machiavelli's theory of government?

Machiavelli's theory of government is called Kyklos. This is a cyclical government that rotates from democracy to aristocracy to monarchy and then ochlocracy to oligarchy to tyranny and finally anarchy.

What form of government is ruled by the many?

Constitutional Monarchy, Socialism, and a Representitive Democracy.