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What type of government did the ancient Greeks introduce into the world?


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AnswerThe ancient Greeks did not predict the end of the world in 2012. However, some have read an ancient Mayan calendar to predict the end of the world in 2012.

No. Very, very few people in the world today believe in the gods of the ancient Greeks.

None. The ancient Greeks existed LONG before the 20th Century.

The Ancient Greeks have brought really important weapons to us, such as the catapult. They also invented one of the most common used fromat in history, GOVERNMENT! Ancient Greeks are not the people that have created most of the important things in this world, but Ancient Egyptians have. BTW some people could not afford wheat in Greece so they would eat bread, but with barley with it.

The ancient Romans and ancient Greeks believed that their pagan gods had a great influence on earthly events.

The ancient Greeks did not rule. The Greek world was made up of hundreds of independent city-states each of which ruled itself.

The Ancient Greeks knew the world was round.

ancient greeks, moslem scholars, etc.

The ancient Greeks, in the city of Athens, did invent the idea of democracy. They did not make the whole world democratic, however, they just made their own city democratic. It was up to the rest of the world to make their own political choices. There are still a lot of nations in the world that do not have democratic forms of government, which includes the world's most populous country, China.

Because the Greeks were an advanced civilization

at the time of ancient Egypt the government was the strongest in the world

Greco-Roman culture and philosophy has shaped contemporary governments in many ways, although the concepts of democracy and republican government have had the most influence.

The Greeks believed that the gods created the world and held balens between the two worlds.

The Ancient Greeks knew the world was round.

it explains the creation of the world and of human beings.

Explain and understand the origins of the world.

They would wear robes. Made by the human world.

The Greeks developed math, science, philosophy, schools and it is the foundation of the western world. It gave us art, music, and government. They knew that the world was round and had figured out many other things. The Ancient Greeks are like the foundation of a house because without them there would no western world.

No. They are found in various countries in the ancient world. You can find more information and a list at the link provided below.

geography: that region of the aegean world was divided by mountains, making travel, trade, communication, and unification difficult

not all the ancient people did the Greeks believed in like 50 gods/goddesses

Ancient Rome's government did not change the world. It changed the area Rome conquered and which became part of the Roman Empire.

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