Theocracy, meaning "rule of God," is a form of government characterized by divine guidance.

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What country uses a theocracy government?

A theocracy is a government that is run by the dominant religious group and where only one official religion is allowed. In a theocracy, the laws are made based on that religion, and the religious leaders are also the political leaders (or have strong influence over the political leaders). A good example of a theocracy is Iran. Some people also believe Saudi Arabia is a theocracy, and so is the Vatican City.

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What is the opposite of Theocracy?

Theocracy is a form of government run by religious leaders who believe they are ruling and governing for a god.

The opposite is a secular government, which has no religious affiliations and strong protections for the separation of church and state.


What are the dangers of theocracy government?

Theocracy or religious rulers tend to enacct very strict (religiously based/inspired) laws and are intolerant towards any citicen who is not a member/follower of their religion. They also tend to see things in black and white - after all God's word is supreme and absolute - doing God's work is a justification for anything.


What rights do citizens have in theocracy?

Not many. As we know a theocracy is defined as a government set up, in which god/deity is the surpereme ruler. it's Rules and customs are based on the particular religion. So for example, if the United States were a theocracy, it would be Mandatory to go to church on Sundays. It would be illegal to believe in other gods. You have no rights. The only right you have, is what preached by the church.


Characteristics of a theocracy?

Theocracy is a form of government in which a state is understood as governed by immediate divine guidance especially a state ruled by clergy, or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided From the perspective of the theocratic government, "God himself is recognized as the head" of the state, hence the term theocracy, from the Greek θεοκρατια "rule of God", a term used by Josephus of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. Theocratic governments enact theonomic laws (rules).

A theocracy may be monist in form, where the administrative hierarchy of the government is identical with the administrative hierarchy of the religion, or it may have two 'arms,' but with the state administrative hierarchy subordinate to the religious hierarchy.


Who invented Theocracy?

Priests who were interested in political power. Theocracy is not a new concept; it was common in ancient Egypt and other ancient cultures. It may have existed even in prehistoric times.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of theocracy?

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What does 'theocracy' mean?

God-ruled. A political system believed to be governed by divine guidance, by a diety or by officials attributed with divine guidance. Dictatorial rule by self-appointed men who claim to rule for God.

What is a theocracy?

Theocracy is a form of government in which a god or deity is recognized as the state's supreme civil ruler, it is also formed by a small group of people.


How is a theocracy government ruled?

God chooses who rules.


A theocracy is an example of a unlimited or limited government?

It is a unlimited government.


What is the positive side of and the negative side of theocracy?

two negatives of theocracy


What are some Advantages and Disadvantages of Theocracy?

First we must understand what a theocracy is. Thearchy or theocracy is government by the immediate direction of God though his ministers and representatives.

When Christ comes to reign personally on the earth during the millennial era, a perfect theocratic government will prevail.

This perfect system of government was set up by Adam, and to a great extent by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Certainly ancient Israel in the days of Moses and the judges operated on a theocratic basis.

Man cannot operate such a government unless it is under the direction of God. All governments today are far removed from God and rely on their own wisdom.


Pros and cons of theocracy facts?

Some of the pros on theocracy are, people don't have to elect their government. Another is you can go to that one person to help you with things. If it is for good reasoning, most of the time it will happen. Some cons are, in a Theocratic government can only rule using fear as has been throughout history. Superstition cannot be the basis for any form of rule.


Who set up a theocracy in Geneva Switzerland?

John Calvin


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What countries have theocracy government?

Although theocracies are usually seen to be present in Moslem countries and in the Vatican, the USA has many attributes of a theocracy:

  • It calls itself a Christian country based on the Bible
  • Christian vales are maintained for many social interactions
  • Prejudices against other religions is technically frowned on but is tolerated
  • Religious practices (Swearing of oaths, enforced church attendance in the military, graces before official meetings and meals, chaplins in the military and religious advisors in high offices)
  • No politician who is openly atheist has been elected.
  • "Thanking God" is common motif in political presentations and speeches

Is theocracy successful in Iran?

It depends on how you define successful.

The government is certainly functional; theocracy has consistently shown that it works in the sense that the government retains power and does not collapse. It retains power by repressing and jailing its rivals.

If you define successful as: improving the standard of living, appealing to the majority of Iranians, securing human rights, bringing technological development to the country, etc., the current theocracy is a failure.


What does theocracy literally mean?

Theocracy is derived from the combination of the Greek words "theos" meaning god and kratein meaning rule of. So it literally means "rule by gods"


What country is an example of a theocracy?

Currently the best example would be the Vatican City.

Better examples would be found in the past.

  • Israel before King Saul
  • Egypt and Persia before Alexander the Great
  • Arabia during and after Mohammed
  • Tibet before the invasion of the Chinese

What countries are currently theocracies?

Answer 1

Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and Mauritania are Islamic theocracies. The Vatican City is the only Christian theocracy, although its laws are still limited by the secular laws of Italy. Most theocracies are usually authoritarian in nature and often jail religious and political dissidents.

Most of the laws in Islamic countries are loosely based on Sharia, or Islamic law, especially as concerns social issues, crimes, and domestic law. Homosexuality is punishable by death or imprisonment in these countries, which is dictated based on Sharia law. Sharia also dictates dress codes and women's roles. All of the Islamic countries except Iran and Saudi Arabia have some form of freedom of religion, although it is very limited by Western standards. Iran and Saudi Arabia are very strict in their Islamic laws, while others are a bit looser yet still socially repressive and conservative by western standards.

Answer 2

Iran and Vatican are the only theocracies that are ruled by a religious figure (the Grand Ayatollah and the Pope, respectfully). The rest are either ruled by an absolute king (i.e. Saudi Arabia), a President (i.e. Sudan), a Prime Minister, or both (i.e. Pakistan), while religious figures or religious laws maintain prominence. The case of Iran is unusual; it is not a democracy since the country often silences and jails political and religious opponents, but it is not really a dictatorship. It is considered to be an oligarchic republic ruled by a group of clerics and the Grand Ayatollah.

Answer 3

Here is a list of some of the modern day countries with theocratic overtones or associations:

* The Vatican

* Iran

* Saudi Arabia

* England

* Norway

* Israel

* Nepal

* Pakistan

* Iraq

* Afghanistan

It is necessary to point out that these modern incarnations, with exception to one (i.e the Vatican) are not explicitly comparative to historical theocracies, in full estimation. I say "the Vatican" because the Modern Vatican is quite comparable to the Historical Vatican, and is thus it is an entity comparative unto itself.


Does Russia have a theocracy?

No , Russia does not. A theocracy is a government controlled by a church or other religious institution.


What is theocracy's purpose?

The purpose of a theocracy is to grant powers to the government leaders that would otherwise not be granted upon them if it weren't for reverence for a deity figure. The government leaders make it so that the citizens must do their bidding under the guise that they are doing it for their God, as opposed to the whims of the leaders.

It is a horrible way to run a country and should be avoided at all costs.

Politics and Government

Should religious leaders run for political office?

Religious leaders can and do run for political office. They may add a new perspective to political debate, although occasional scandals involving religious leaders show that we should not elect them in the expectation of higher moral standards.

Iran is an example of a theocracy, in which religious beliefs are paramount. This would give us warning to ensure that religious leaders do not, on election to political office, try to impose religion onto the political process.


What might be some of the concerns of a Theocracy?

The main issue is about the Representatives, if any. Otherwise it works in the Kingdom of God now: the Holy Spririt inspires people with love through faith.


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