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It definitely wont make you die. It just might make you go to sleep quicker that's all...

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Q: Can Valium and seroquel be taken together?
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Is combining Zoloft metoprolol benazepril Valium flexeril and seroquel bad?

Valium and Flexeril should not be combined. Other drugs may be taken together if your psychiatrist and cardiologist think that they can be taken together.

What is the effect of ridilin Valium and butalbital taken together?

What is the effect of ridilan Valium and butalbital taken together

Can ibuprofen prednisone Valium and oxycodon be taken together?

Valium and oxycodone can not be taken together. Other two drugs can be taken along with either of the two drugs.

I am on Metronidazole Penicillin...I need to take a Valium for an MRI..can these be taken together?

Yes, metronidazole penicillin can be taken with valium. However, these two taken together can cause nausea, headaches, and sometimes confusion.

Effects of Valium and Loritab taken together?

u get wasted

Can Valium and elavil be taken together?

yes but not for long times

Is seroquel a substitute for Valium?

They are very different drugs. Seroquel is an anti-psychotic, whereas Valium is a benzodiazepine. both drugs can cause sedation, but generally they aren't interchangable, as they have substantially different effects.

Does seroquel and Ambien cancel each other out?

I have taken Seroquel with Ambien many times. They work well together for those nights I just can't get to sleep.

Can you take Valium and risperdone at the same time?

Yes. They can be taken together as per your doctor's advice.

Can you take Valium with levothyroxine?

Valium in generally given at bed time. Levothyroxine is is generally given in the morning, on empty stomach. So they are not prescribed to be taken together.

What condition will adderall and seroquel treat when taken together?

ADHA Be careful with that combination That could/will make you very sluggish

Can I take morphine and valium together?

Can I take morphine and valium together