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Theoretically, yes - BUT - some computer manufacturers say you're voiding your warranty if you 'roll back' a Windows 8 computer to Windows 7. In that case - if your computer breaks-down within the initial warranty period - they will not do a free repair !

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โˆ™ 2013-07-20 20:32:43
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Q: Can Windows 8 be replaced with windows7?
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What is WINDOWS7?

Windows 7 is the second-to-latest version of Microsoft Windows.

Which os is good windows7 or xp?

Windows 7

What is the difference between windows7 ultimate and windows7 service pack 1?

Windows 7 Ultimate - is the operating system. Windows service pack 1 is a downloadable 'patch' to update the Windows software.

When upgrading from Windows XP to windows7 can you perform an in-place upgrade of windows7?

No - you have to do a 'clean install' - which involves erasing everything from your hard-drive and installing Windows 7 from scratch.

Can you play games for xp on windows7?

Yes you can windows 7 has what is on windows xp and more.

Which software can change computers into windows8?

Windows 8 refers to the operating system (OS) on a computer, and if you had, for example, a computer with Windows7 and you wanted it to be 8, you could just purchase a copy of Windows 8, put the installation disk into your computer and follow the instructions to install windows 8.

What family does windows 7 belongs to?

Windows7 belongs to which company ?

Does outlook express work in windows7?

No it is just with XP for windows 7 you can use windows mail

Why the Windows7 is one of the newest OS?

This is the newest official version of windows. Windows 8 is being developed but it isn't official yet. You can download a preview of it to install to your computer if you want.

Can you download Halo 2 for Windows 7?

you can download halo2 but not for windows7

Can you downgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 7?

Yes, you can downgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 7. What you are going to need is a bootable windows7 disk.

Will Grand Theft Auto support windows7?

Yes, It does support Windows 7.

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