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It should not. If you are getting a negative result but still have not gotten your period (and vice versa!), see your doctor.

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Q: Can Zoloft affect pregnancy-test results
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Can Zoloft affect period?

It very rarely does.

Does Zoloft affect the IUD?

I have been taking Zoloft for about a month now and I have the paragard. and my period is hella late

Does Zoloft affect Depo-Provera?

I am on the depo shot and have been taking zoloft for years. It doesn't effect anything with the birth control!There are no known drug interactions between Zoloft and Depo Provera.

Does Zoloft lower blood pressure?

Since zoloft is an anti-anxiety medication, the affect will be to lower the blood pressure by lowering the anxiety level.

Do results affect causes?

Results do not effect Causes. Causes affect Results.

Does Zoloft affect birth control?

There are no known drug interactions between Zoloft and the birth control pill, patch, ring, shot, implant, or IUD.

What neurotransmitter does Zoloft affect?

The exact mechanism of Zoloft is unknown, but it is believed to increase the extracellular level of the neurotransmitter serotonin by limiting its reabsorption into the presynaptic cell.

Who we can check if you are pregnant or not?

Go see a obgyn to take a pregnancytest. The hometests aren't always right.

Can Zoloft affect speech?

yes it normally starts off with slurred speach, then studdering until you get off of it

Does Zoloft contain opium?

zoloft contains?

Can taking Zoloft negatively affect one's sense of urgency in situations that require action?

It depends on you. Generally, doctors do not see problems with focus unless there is some other problem or drug interacting with Zoloft.

Soma can it affect periods or pregnancy test results?


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