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Can a 14-year-old in Michigan refuse to see one of his parents?

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Not really. You are a minor and expected to do what your parents tell you to. If there is a safety reason for not seeing the parent, you should talk to a social work and get help.

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How do you reverse adoption in Michigan?

Once an adoption is final in Michigan, a judge will rarely overturn or reverse it. There has to be a very compelling reason for the change such as unfitness of the adopting parents or the lack of notice to one or both of the birth parents.

Can you be an out of state driver and still be under your parents auto policy?

Insurance is overseen by individual states. If your parents have your car insured in Michigan and you are now living in another state with your car, say California, you will need to get a California auto policy, and drop the Michigan one.

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Where in Michigan would someone be able to adopt an orphan?

One may be able to adopt an orphan at the Michigan Adoption Resource exchange. They may also do so at the annual Michigan Heart Gallery. Adopting a child is an excellent choice for parents who cannot conceive a child.

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My parents and I have just had a huge argument and they refuse to help me out now that means no food clothes etc and they also refuse to give me my child allowance. What can I do?

If you are a minor, you have one choice: do as your parents wish. That being said, provided there is not physical danger, you truly have only one choice. I suspect there is more to the story than has been shared. It is difficult to believe that any parent would withhold food, clothing, or any necessity from a child. Not that this does not happen, but it is more likely that there has been a gross misunderstanding of what your parents communicated.

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Can you move out of your parents house thirty-one days before you turn eighteen in Michigan?

Technically, no, you have to wait until you are 18. However, if your parents give you permission, you can leave at any age. Their permission does not relieve them of their responsibilities for you.

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