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Can a 15-year-old female move in with a 17-year-old male?

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Q: Can a 15-year-old female move in with a 17-year-old male?
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What is the legal age to move out in the state of GA?

For a male its 17 for a female it is 18

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Male: Testes produce sperm, move through sperm ducts into the cloaca. Female: Ovaries produce eggs, move through oviducts into uteri, then through the coaca.

How do killer whales live as a community?

They hunt together and are always together. The male always takes the lead but whenever there is food that appears the male goes for it. If the female attacks the pray, the male will hurt the female as a warning. When the male is attacking a pray the female has to move on and take the lead.

What if you like a guy and he's straight?

It should not be a problem if you are female. If you are male get over it and move on.

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The best way to stop your male pet from trying to mate with your female when you, or she does not want him to, is to move your male pet to a different room. Keep them separated for awhile until the male loses interest.

How do you choose which attacks our Pokemon will have when we breed?

the male has one move of the egg Pokemon and the female has the others

Is it better to have a male guinea pig with another male guinea pig or a female with a male?

Is it better to have a male guinea pig with another male guinea pig or a female with a male? It is better to have two female Guinea Pigs, than they won't fight and reproduce. If you have a male and a female they will have baby guinea pigs and you will have to many to look after. Guinea pigs need a lot of space to move around. If you have two males they will fight and hurt each other. (most likely)

Why can't a female gamete move around like a males gamete?

because male gametes has tail called flagellum which helps them to move around and female gametes do not have flagellum, they are round shaped so they can't move around.

How can you tell the sex on a guinea pig?

This is easy to do. Like most male mammals, the male will have a penis and the female will not. You may have to move some fur to see it.

Should you move the male or female convict fish after thay mate?

No, convicts will both protect the nest.

When may a female move out of her parents' house without their permission in the state of Ohio?

The age of majority in Ohio is 18 for both male and female.

Do female lions or male lions do the hunting?

From my understanding they both do. But the male lions move the pride to the animal on which they disire to eat.

What is the American Idol Wild card selection process?

From what I understand--the male and female with the MOST votes each move on to the next round then the NEXT person ( male or female) with the highest votes moves on to the next round also.

When do you separate male and female hamsters baby's?

When they are old enough to move by themselves, and when they no longer drink milk from there mother.

Does the male Siamese fighting fish kill the female after mating?

No. After spawning the male will chase the female away from the nest and then defend the nest. In the wild, the female would be able to move well away from the area, but in a tank she should be removed. Have a look here for further information:

Male dog wont let female dog move?

it may be due to if your female dog is in heat or behavior issiue. other wise talk toy your vet

Reproduction of a lobster?

with the American lobster, the males will fight over who is dominant, then the dominant male will take the biggest, best home and leave the females and other males to get the smaller homes. every night, the dominant male will go around and essentially beat up the females and smaller males, and after a little while, a female will actually start following the dominant male home, and sort-of move herself in. the female will molt, then, when her skin is still soft, the dominant male and the female will mate. the male will protect the female until her shell has fully grown back, and the eggs are safe. the female will move back out and the male will go around every night again, beating up everyone. after a few more days another, different female will start to follow the male home. the process goes on. hope this helped I suck penis too.

What would happen if you beat up a cheating lover?

If the cheating lover is a woman then men simply do notbeat up their male lover, but have the fortitude to be strong and move on. If it is a male lover cheating the same applies to the female counterpart you do not beat up the male lover and move on from the relationship.

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Egg moves are moves that can only be learned through breeding. I'll show you an example: let's say you want a Houndour to learn the move Thunder Fang but, of course, you don't know how to get it. This is how you get egg moves.Get the Pokemon that you want it to learn the egg move. It has to be a female Pokemon to produce the same species. In this case: Houndour or Houndoom.Get the other Pokemon that is compatible with breeding with the female Pokemon. This Pokemon has to have the move learned and must be a male Pokemon. Let's use Shinx with Thunder Fang as an example.Put both the female Pokemon and the male Pokemon in the Day-Care and after you obtained the egg and it hatches the family of the female Pokemon, it will have the egg move that it learns from the father.After the egg finally hatches it will be the Pokemon of the earliest form of the mother. Since my example was a Houndour/ Houndoom the new born Pokemon will be a Houndour male or female that knows the egg move Thunder Fang. And that's is what an egg move basically is. You cannot do the complete opposite of this though. Meaning that you can't get a new born Pokemon from the male version with a move from the female.

In a relationship who should make the first move male or female?

It really does not matter especially now adays. Guys and girls both make the first move quite equally.

What is a Captain Coleman?

A Captain Coleman is a new age sexual move conducted generally by male and female. The move is performed by urinating inside of a woman's rectum then having her squat over the male and release the urine and fecal matter all over the chest and face of the eagerly awaiting male.

Can a rabbit be left with the male when she is pregnant?

No because once the female has her baby or babies the male will kill them so the best thing to do is move the male to a different cage and do not touch the mother wile she is pregnant you could harm the babies.