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Can a 16-year-old be given over to the court system in California if they refuse to follow family rules?

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Yes Yes they certainly can. You can't be too mature if you would rather let the California courts take over your life and decide what to do with you. How hard can it be with some rules you have to follow around your parent's home! You need to have a different slant on your life and realize that YOU DO NOT OWN THAT HOME YOU LIVE IN, but your parents do! Family is about teamwork and if you can't follow a few rules (the world is just full of them so get use to it) then you won't have much success at holding down a job or even having a strong personal relationship with anyone. Even at 16 you should be doing things like taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, helping around the house and at least keeping your room clean. Most children do and although they do it begrudgingly they are thankful later because it prepares them for living on their own. You could even hold down a part-time job. Your parents don't give you rules to make your life unhappy. They love you and they care what happens to you. You may think you have all the answers at 16, but trust me, you don't! If you hang out with a wrong crowd, if you do drugs (even smoke marijuana or drink too much) then it's up to the parents to lay the law down. Parents who do this really do love their kids and there are many kids out there that would give anything to have a supportive family. You've got a choice here ... California courts or, living under a few rules in your parents home. If you want to be treated as a mature 16 year old then act like it and prove it to your parents. With maturity comes responsibility and as your parents see you mature they'll give you more freedom. Now how simple is that! * The minor would have to be deemed incorrigible by the court (not by the parents) before he or she would be remanded into state custody. Incorrigible does not mean not doing one's chores, being disrespectful and so forth. In the legal sense it means, truancy, problems with law enforcement, a history of being a runaway, physical violence perpetrated against family members or others, etc.

2006-09-01 17:55:42
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Q: Can a 16-year-old be given over to the court system in California if they refuse to follow family rules?
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