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Yes, the legal marriage of a minor pregnant or not confers emancipation status. However, the issue of a minor being pregnant or having a child does not confer automatic emancipation rights. Yes. If you are married, there is nothing your parents can do.

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Q: Can a 16-year-old who is married and pregnant move out and live with their spouse in Ohio?
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In Ohio is a surviving spouse responsible for the student loans cosigned by the deceased spouse?

yes. When you became married all asests and liabilities became shared. This one may have bit you.

When a spouse dies with property that is inherited in Ohio does that property convey to the surviving spouse if there is no will?


If a 17-year-old is pregnant by a 27-year-old can the two get married in Ohio without parental consent?

You have to be over 18 year old to get married without parental consent in Ohio.

Is the surviving spouse responsible for medical bills in Ohio?

In the state of Ohio, as in most places the estate will be responsible. The spouse indirectly will pay, as they cannot inherit until they are resolved.

In Ohio if spouse inherits money and still legally married is the spouse entitled to any if they have been living apart for 10 months?

The usual rule of thumb on something like this is community property. If Ohio is a community property state the chance is you may have to turn over half. If it isn't you may not. Get a lawyer to find out for sure.

Can you legally get married if youre pregnant and sixteen and your boyfriend is also sixteen in Ohio?

i think you cant. i think u need to be 20

How do you divorce someone in Ohio if you live in Florida?

You have a few options. You can file for divorce in the state that you were married in (even if it is different from Ohio or Florida), or in any state that you are our spouse is a resident of. It would be a good idea for you to file first and in Ohio so that you do not have the burden of traveling to Florida but you do have a few options for filing.

How old do you have to be to get married in the state of Ohio?

You must be 18 years old to get married in the state of Ohio.

Is a Wife responsible for medical bill of her deceased husband in Ohio?

In Ohio, the spouse will indirectly be responsible. The estate must resolve all debts. Until that is done, the spouse cannot inherit anything.

In Ohio If your spouse who you want a divorce from is in jail and he claims he wont give you a divorce what is there to do does that mean you cant get divorced?

What state are you in? ohio

Are there laws for pregnant teens in Ohio regarding emancipation?

There are no emancipation laws in Ohio.

If your pregnant and sixteen can you legally emancipate yourself in the state of Ohio?

Nope, you must have parent consent. Unless you get married, which would also require parent consent.

What rights does a surviving spouse in have in Ohio if the deceased had no estate?

If there is no estate, there are no rights or property to be had.

In Ohio can you move out if you are 17 and have a child without your parents' permission?

No. The age of majority in Ohio is 18. Being pregnant/having a child does not emancipate a minor. I don't believe that Ohio even allows a minor to petition for emancipation. A minor in Ohio is considered emancipated if they get married or join the military--both of which require parental consent.

Can a 17 year old who is pregnant get married without parental permission in Kentucky if she lives in Ohio?

No. Even in other states the law is treated as if you are in your state of residence for minors.

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Can first cousins get married in Ohio?

No, Ohio does not permit the marriage of first cousins.

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Can a pregnant 16 year old girl marry an 18 year old without parental consent in the state of Ohio?

No she cannot do so. Parental consent is required to get married as a minor. A court might grant a license since she is pregnant.

In the state of Ohio is a spouse responsible for medical bills or credit card debt after the spouse has passed away?

My husband has termial cancer and I was wondering when he passes will I be responible for any credit card debts he has and any of his medical bills? We live in the state of Ohio.

Are you responsible for your husbands medical debts that occured before you were married in the state of Ohio?

No, and even if you had been married the answer is still no unless you signed as a guarantor of payment. It is common that debt collectors attempt to harass the spouse with claims of shared liability, however 9-out-of-10 times it is just lies.

If father gets married does that change child support payments?

no In California, 20% of the income of a new spouse/SO can be used. In Ohio, the difference in "household" incomes can be use in a rebuttable presumption, but both are a two way street.

Can you get married in Ohio but live in Florida?


If married in Ohio can you get divorced in Michigan?

yes you can

If you have a felony can you still get married in Ohio?