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If the 16 year old has their liscence, the car can be titled in their name.

yea i 16 year can have title in his/her name which mean he owns the car insurance will be more expensive but the parents cant take it away form him/ her

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โˆ™ 2015-07-14 16:07:05
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Q: Can a 16 year old be on the title for a car or does it have to be in the parents' names?
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Can a 16 year old transfer their vehicle title to their parents name?

In most cases a 16 year old cannot own their own car because they will be seen as still a minor and much be listed under their parent's names to begin with on the vehicle title.

Can you get car title loan when two names on title?


Do you have rights to A car if your names on the title?

Yes. If your name is on the title you are considered owner of that car.

Can two names be on a title of a car in Virginia?


Who is the owner on a car title when there are two names?


Can you insure a car whose title is under your name and then change the name on the insurance to your parents if they transfer the title to them?

Your parents would need to add the car to their own policy.

Can you register car in one name if the title is two name?

Most states will allow you to register a car in one name even if two names are on the title. Of course, the registration has to be in one of the names on the title.

How much does it cost to change names on a car title?

A dollar

Can one person get a title loan on a car title with two names on it?

Not without the other title holder's agreement.

What age can one sell a car to?

you have to be 18 to own a car and have your name on the title. but you can sell a car to a person under 18 and have their parents put their name on the title

Can your parents sell your car when your name is on the title?

without asking you, they will never do that

How do you gain co-ownership of a car?

Both names should be on the title.

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