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Not without parental consent.

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Q: Can a 16 year old girl move out of her mothers house and move in with her boyfriend and his mother in the state of Texas?
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if she's ok with it but technically you're still considered a child.

I am 17 years old and having a baby in September I live with my boyfriend in my mothers house can I move out once the baby is born.?

if your mother lets you and your boyfriend is over 18 and he can put his name one the papers for the place then yes... but other then that no.. cuz if your mother wants u to stay and u leave u can be considered a run away. if your mother lets you and your boyfriend is over 18 and he can put his name one the papers for the place then yes... but other then that no.. cuz if your mother wants u to stay and u leave u can be considered a run away.

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Does the live-in boyfriend of the mother of the child have a right to keep the father who has shared custody of the child from their home?

If the house is owned by the live-in boyfriend, it is considered his property and he has the right to not allow you inside the home. However, it is the mothers legal reponsibility to make the child available during visitation hours even if they have to meet you off of the property in question. If the boyfriend is refusing the allow the mother to meet her court ordered responsibility, he can be prosecuted in extreme cases. If it is the mother that is failing to meet the court order, she can lose parental custody of the child or be imprisoned for failure to comply with the courts decision. ---- See related question

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If me my boyfriend and mom mother and my moms boyfriend live toughter. and my moms boyfriend is kicking all 3 of us out of his house. what can we do?

well i would suggest you should confront your mother on this,and if it does not work out id move out

Can you move out of your fathers house in Texas and into your mothers house in Louisiana at the age of a 17 year old female without your fathers concent?

Not unless you were married (parental approval), or by court order.

My mothers boyfriend has gotten her dunk. And he will not leave. Can i call the police to escort him?

If she wants him to leave he has to go if it's her house or if he is causing her harm. Call the police for advice.

My 17 yr old pregnant daughter moved out of her mothers house and in with her boyfriend. Can I stop paying child support?

No, she is still a child. The parents are still responsible for her.

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If your father lived in Indiana and your mother lives in Florida at the age of 17 can you move out of your mothers house and into my fathers against your mothers will and for your own?

Definitely,decisively,with a strong emphasis on the part 'without your mothers'.Mine fathers don't live, it is a reason and causae of mine version.

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You need to get a lawyer and get these kids in the grandmothers house, like now.

Can a father stop paying child support if the 16 year old child has a baby and lives with the boyfriend at the mothers house?

Only if it is ordered by the court. You can not decide on your own!

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Do my kids have to go to their mothers house if her boyfriend is there?

not if you don't want them to If it's court ordered visitation, yes. If you have reservations about the boyfriend, ask for supervised visits. If the kids say he's mean, or too " friendly " , pay attention.