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Can a 16 year old make the decision to live in a group home?


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no they cannot it depends on the officers if their parents is not in that country or not in his/her site

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factors that make group communication and decision-making effective?

The first decision which they make is to elect a leader and they choose Ralph.

individual. It takes too much time for a group to reach a decision.

The police can return you to your home. If you are unsafe, they will put you in a group home while it is investigated.

A group home owner really doesn't profit off of a group home because it is about helping the children or who ever occupies the group home. Most group home owners don't make on cent profit off of their group home, but if you are doing a group home to make money, you could get about 400 dollars a week per child from the state. Alot of people do get the money but most of it is put back into the group home to pay the expenses of the occupants and the home itself. The expenses of the group home are mandatory if you want to keep your home from getting shut down or closed. But in a year a group home owner makes about $20,800 per child.

Depends on the country or state. In the UK, 16 year olds can make that decision themselves.

The answer is you make a decision.

Same as fishes make their home. Same as alligators make their home. they live in water bodies. In short frogs dont build their home. they just find water and live there

The facilitator's role is to make it easier for the group to arrive at its own answer, decision, or deliverable.

It is up to the Parents To Allow her to live with her grandparents.

A Group Home owner makes an average of 100,00.00 dollars a year.

The Vroom-Jago decision model is a rational model used by leaders to determine whether they should make a decision alone or involve a group, and to what extent the group should be involved.

A 13 year old can make a decision regarding who to live with if her mom dies and her dad is mentally disabled. She will need to petition the family courts to make a legal declaration.

A kangaroo doesn't make a home, but live and sleep out in the open-air.

They can make the decision but it would have to be taken to court and a proper judge and jury would make the final decision. If its you, choose carefully because I live with my mom and my dad and I'm also 12. And remember to consider their feeling.

Depending on which state you live in most banks will provide highly competitive loan rates. This is a situation where a lot more information is required to make the best decision.

No, you are not old enough to make that decision.

Yes, she is of legal age to make a decision of where she wants to live.

70 years but they need to make a decision at the age of 40.

You can make a decision, sure. Your decision may or may not have much influence, though. Only the court can make the determination of who you live with. They'll probably take your wishes into consideration, but at 11, they're not likely to have a great deal of weight (12 is generally the age at which they start taking kids seriously, and even then, the kid's wishes are just one of many factors in the decision).

Decision making is when you make a decision

it is the pattern of behavior used by a leader in attempting to influence (motivate) group members and make decision regarding the mission, strategy, and operations of group activities.

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