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You can marry at 16 in Florida with parental consent.

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Q: Can a 16 year old marry a 22 year old in Florida with both parents permission?
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If you were to get married at 16 do you need permission from both your parents?

yh because you would be to young to marry

Is it legal for a 17-year-old to marry a 26-year-old with a parent's permission?

By 'a parent's permission' do you mean that you only have *one* of your parents permission? If that's the case then it depends on where you live. In many states, if the parents have equal custody then the permission of *both* is required.

Can you be 14 and marry a 17 year old guy with only one of their parents permission?

you know there is actually no law i have heard of that says you cant but i think both parents need to give their child permission first.

Can you get married in Florida if you are 16 and your boyfriend is 20 and you have your dad's permission but not your mom's and they have equal custody?

In FL, if both parents are alive and both have custody, then both signatures are required.

How does a 16-year-old Canadian girl marry an American?

== == You can't. At age 16 you are considered a MINOR in both Canada and the USA, and you would have to have the written permission of BOTH of your Parents, and that permission would have also be NOTARIZED by a lawyer.

If you move out at 17 in Florida will the police be able to force you back home even if you are safe?

The legal age in the state of Florida is 17 for both male and female without parents permission.

How can you tell your girlfriend's parents you want to marry her?

Just sit both of her parents down and tell them that you love their daughter and you would like to have their permission to have her hand in marriage. Good luck and God Bless:)

If one parent gives permission to take a child 14 year old out of state is this legal?

If both parents have custody, you need the permission of both parents.

Can a mother take a child abroad without the fathers permission?

No. Both parents permission is necessary.

Is it legal for someone 17 to marry someone 23 with a parent's permission?

Yes, if you have parental consent, you can get married at 17. Be aware that in many states, if both parents have equal custody, then the signature of both is required.

What does my girlfriend who is 16 need to leave the country with me to visit my parents?

Permission of both parents

Can a 35 year old man marry a 17 year old girl in Indiana?

Yes in Indiana, with the parents' permission. Otherwise they will have to wait until they are both 18 or older.

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