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Can a 17-year-old's parents legally make him quit his job?

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Ok NO they can not make you quit your job. The only thing they may be able to do about it is make sure they do not take you to or from work. They do not have a say in your working status or not!

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How do you talk your parents into letting you quit school?

If you are not old enough, you cannot legally quit school, parents permission or not.

Can parents make a minor quit their job?

In the US, parents have LEGAL control of you and your actions until you are 18.

Can a minor sign a deed of quit claim on life insurance?

A minor cannot sign a deed so as to make it legally binding.A minor cannot sign a deed so as to make it legally binding.A minor cannot sign a deed so as to make it legally binding.A minor cannot sign a deed so as to make it legally binding.

Can you quit without parents permission?

Quit what? If you mean work then yes

How old do you have to be to quit school legally in Idaho?

4 or 5.

How do you get rid of my parents drug tests?

I don't know...quit doing drugs and your parents might quit testing you, maybe?

At what age can you quit school in Massachusetts?

Legally, age sixteen. The compulsory education law for the state is 16, but the student must have the consent of parents or legal guardian before he or she can drop out.

How do you legally disown a parent in California?

You live with it , parents made you , they fed you , they payed your tuition and put a roof over your head. So man up , appreciate them and quit complaining

Can a 17 yr old leave home or quit school without parents consent in state of Texas?

No, they have not reached the age of majority in Texas which is 18. Only then can they quit school and move out. Until then the parents have to be responsible and make the decisions.

When do you legally have to quit paying child support in Mississippi?

Age 21

Can a 17 year old quit school legally in South Carolina?


Can an employer make you quit?

No, they can fire you,but to try to make you quit is just absurd.

What age can a minor legally quit school?

In most states a child must be at least 16 to legally quit school. Keep in mind, however, that he may lose his driving privileges until he turns 18 after taking the proper courses.

Do men who hit women ever quit?

no they don't quit unless you make them quit by LEAVING.

How can a parent legally kick out a adult?

The residence is the property of the parent's - you have no legal "standing" to continue to occupy their residence. the law only requires that your parents support you and be responsible for you until you legally become an adult. Once you become an adult you become a resident of their domicile at their "sufferance." and you can be invited to 'quit the premises' at any time.

Is there anything legally binding in a quit claim deed?

A quitclaim deed is legally binding on the grantor. It conveys to the grantee any interest the grantor has in the real estate.

How old do you half to be to quit school?

You half to be at least 17-18 years old with the parents permit ion to quit.

Can you get unemployment if you were forced to quit?

"Forced to quit" is legally called constructive discharge. Like every discharge, it can disqualify you from UI if the quit or discharge was prompted by your misconduct.It depends on whether the reason you resigned was through no fault of your own.

Can parents make a 16 year old quit his job if they don't want him to have a job?

i don't know but you need to find out what it is by law in the code of Virginia

At what age can a child quit school with their parents signing in tegucigalpa?


What do you do if you have Unwanted text messages that are costing you?

you text back to the number saying quit or stop and then they legally have to stop.

How do you make the sentence with the word quit in it?

Winners never quit, and quitters never win. The defeated army quit the field.

How do you persuade your parents to let you quit soccer?

Pretend to faint at the end of practice.Or you can ask your parents if they will let you quit soccer.This will not work on all parents, such as my own.I have not tried the fainting thing yet but I think it will work.I HATE SOCCER.YOU MIGHT.GET IT OUT OF YOUR LIFE 4 EVER.

Can a seventeen year old quit school without a parents permission in Indiana?

No! Unless you are moving out and disowning your parents by law.

Can you legally quit school at age 17?

Yes you can in Louisiana , but you will not be able to get a driver's license and probably will not be able to get a job